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As a service provider, your competitive edge depends on user experience; on how well your digital infrastructure can deliver the speed, power, and availability your users demand. An edge strategy can help. Here you’ll find a variety of resources to help you explore new ways to think about how the edge – however you define it – can help you deliver the best UX. To get, and keep, a competitive edge.

Whether you’re a legacy leader or a new entrant, cost efficiently delivering a better user experience than your competitors is the key to winning. Are you set up to win? Find out with this quick assessment:


Enabling users to watch videos on demand, Netflix thrived. Unable or unwilling to innovate their UX, Blockbuster died. Bottom line: Users will get what they want; if not from you, then from your competitor. See how to deliver what users want:


It’s all about the customer, whether they’re outside your walls or the department next door. Make no mistake, their expectations grow higher every day. If they have a bad experience, or are left waiting for your bells and whistles, and your competitor delivers first, they aren’t coming back.
                        – IBM

Users expect speed, power, and availability. You can learn all about how to deliver on those expectations in our new 16-page animated EdgeBook. Pressed for time? Get the highlights this quick-read blog post:

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Edge data centers can help re-architect the internet in a way that will support the flood of data and massive traffic flows. Explore how in this Data Center Frontier article by EdgeConneX CMO Phillip Marangella:

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