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Are you ready to shape the future with AI powered Data Centers? At EdgeConneX, we’re more than a company: we’re a catalyst for innovation. Guided by seasoned leaders and supported by renowned investors, we offer a vibrant work environment and unparalleled opportunities.


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We’re all about making genuine connections and bringing people closer. This belief shapes our tech and teamwork. We value everyone’s unique skills, and that’s how we tackle big challenges. Fast pace? Tough obstacles? That’s where we shine.


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Top Workplace Survey Ratings

Don’t just take our word for it, read what our employees think. For the past two years, EdgeConneX was named a Top Workplace by the Washington Post. In 2023, we also Earned Five Top Workplace USA Culture Awards, including Awards for Employee Well-being, Employee Appreciation, Purpose and Values, Professional Development, and Great Leadership. Here are some of the positive ratings given by EdgeConneX employees on the 2023 Top Workplace survey.



Rani Sari
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Legal Specialist

"A unique thing about EdgeConneX is diversity - diversity of points of view, problem-solving, and experience. I've learned a lot of new things, and it's been very good for me."

"A unique thing about EdgeConneX is diversity - diversity of points of view, problem-solving, and experience. I've learned a lot of new things, and it's been very good for me."

"A unique thing about EdgeConneX is diversity - diversity of points of view, problem-solving, and experience. I've learned a lot of new things, and it's been very good for me."

Kelvin Fong
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Managing Director, APAC Region

"EdgeConneX has a cohesive team culture. People are very friendly, and everyone is there to help you achieve your goals and succeed. Everyone wants to be together as a team, grow for success, and have some fun along the way."

Macy Griffin
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Chief of Staff to COO

"What I like about working at EdgeConneX is the people. It's an amazing company, and I love working with a range of different teams - everyone is so friendly. It's incredible to have the chance to learn about so many cultures and experiences from within the EdgeConneX organization."

Brian Green
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EVP Data Center Operations, Engineering, and Program Management

"The global scope and reach of EdgeConneX is tremendous. At any given moment, we are simultaneously building new hyperscale data centers in multiple regions around the globe. By definition, we have to maintain a global strategy with regional execution and understanding. The only way to do this is by having the best leadership and talent available to drive our mission of Customers, People, and Planet as our core guiding principles. Combine that with a hard work ethos expressed by the company's executive leadership, who truly cares about our collective and individual success, and I am in heaven!"

Thiam Chye Sim
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Head Of Operations, APAC

"I like the culture at EdgeConneX. Whether I am reaching out to someone in EMEA or the US, the team genuinely tries to help and is always willing to support me. I am very excited to be a part of EdgeConneX's expansion into APAC as we grow with our valued customers."

Ashley Laporte
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VP Human Resources

"My favorite thing about working at EdgeConneX is the team I work with every day. We have a fantastic group of people who work hard and care about each other. We have genuine people who want to make a difference, who want to see the company succeed, and who want to see their colleagues succeed. They will go out of their way to lend a hand and help you."

Angela Capon
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Vice President, Marketing

"Working at EdgeConneX has been one of my best career moves. The company is innovative, always seems to be ahead of the game, and truly values all its employees. Every day, I work with so many different people and backgrounds that I learn something new, enriching my knowledge and friendships. I feel really lucky to have landed here, and even though I have been here for eight years, I continue to be inspired."

Alex SeeToh
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VP Strategic Accounts, APAC

"We have a fun team. Everybody works together towards common objectives. Everyone supports each other, and that is key. We work in a very coordinated environment and respect each other. We all work hard to find the right solutions to meet customer expectations."

Aditya Dharma
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Head of Data Center Operations, Indonesia

"What I like about working at EdgeConneX is the work culture, which emphasizes teamwork and knowledge-sharing among all employees worldwide. It is open and informal, which helps us keep up with this fast-changing industry. Together, we all try to find smart solutions and have a mutual commitment to get the work done as efficiently and correctly as possible."

Steven Sprokholt
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Vice President of Project Management EMEA

"What I like about working at EdgeConneX since I first started in 2016, is that I've been able to work on a wide portfolio of projects - from developing real estate acquisitions, starting new projects, such as building the 150kv substation, as well as regulatory and permitting. And then of course, the company’s big focus on sustainability. There is never a boring day at EdgeConneX."

Allison Green
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Global Head of Executive and Office

"I love working at EdgeConneX because of the people, the culture, and the opportunities for growth."

Kevin Imboden
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Global Director, Market Research and Intelligence

"I've always admired EdgeConneX, and when the opportunity to move to a global company that is constantly growing came up, I decided to make the move."

Jai Huntley
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Data Center Engineer

"I love the supportive work environment EdgeConneX offers. I enjoy being able to pick the brains of our experienced engineers, all while being able to glean from people like Jack and Jorge, two intelligent men who are precise and particular in their communication."

Chi Ling
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Senior Director, Real Estate & Site Development, APAC

"What is unique about EdgeConneX and that I enjoy is we can make decisions quickly. It's also a very multinational company. Everyone, from the bottom to the top, is very helpful."

Tjetjep Dharmawan
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Head of Sales

"My journey at EdgeConneX began in 2022. What I like about working at EdgeConneX is the passion everyone has. EdgeConneX takes pride in career advancement, providing new opportunities to work across the organization, and the culture is unique."

Bart Verdouw
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Senior Director, Solutions Architecture, EMEA

"I joined EdgeConneX in 2016, and it's been an interesting and great journey. EdgeConneX has a good vibe and feels like a family to me. We have grown significantly, but you can still reach out and talk to everyone, which is key to our success. We have the culture right. I have the freedom to do my job the way I want to do it. I love my job, and that freedom is why I am still here. I can build my team and work closely with all departments. The diversity of what I do makes my job very interesting."

Brady Faria
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Data Center Engineer

"I've always been curious about how things work, which led me to engineering. Diversity in the industry is very important to me. I am a young professional, but I still have a lot to learn from my colleagues. We have a lot of young professionals at EdgeConneX, where we are free to express our different perspectives and backgrounds. EdgeConneX provides us with a platform to produce a wide variety of ideas, which, in turn, produces the best products and services."

BoonKai Lim
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Corporate Development Manager

"I really like the culture at EdgeConneX. It's refreshing for me, having come from a large corporation. There are a lot of brilliant and hard-working people at EdgeConneX. The APAC team is friendly, and we get along well. We are in growth mode and expanding quickly, which is inspiring. It's interesting and fun working with so many people globally."

Edison Obregon
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Manager, Property Management

"I like working at EdgeConneX because of the dedication to quality in everything we do - from the data center floor to the leadership team and the culture cultivated by individuals! My management team is very supportive and invested in the success of my career, allowing me to work to my fullest potential and pushing me to grow beyond. I'm also very thankful for my amazing co-workers, whom I can consider friends."

Pallavi Misra
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Director of Marketing, APAC

"Everyone at EdgeConneX is so helpful and willing to invest their time and share their knowledge, creating a wonderful work environment and amazing colleagues. I'm also involved with the WomenConneX group and think it's important for women in the data center sector to come together to share our experiences. We learn so much from each other, and it's beneficial for supporting one another, making connections, and seeking mentorship."

Christopher Conway
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VP Hyperscale Accounts

"I have been in this industry for over 20 years. The opportunity and global growth ahead for EdgeConneX are incredible and something I have never seen in my career. Putting the customer and their experience with EdgeConneX first and foremost, our flexibility and overall “get it done” attitude are why our customers choose EdgeConneX worldwide. As we scale, these pillars will provide the foundation for EdgeConneX to continue growing to support our customers' success. Great Customers + Great Team = Great Company."

Bruno Reis
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Data Architect

"EdgeConneX is more responsive than any other company I've worked for and can provide more tailored solutions to our customers. At EdgeConneX, there is a genuine and sincere value for work-life balance. There is quite a bit of flexibility - we are valued for our work, not for how much we 'clock in and clock out.' There is mutual trust."

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Data centers are the backbone of the digital world. They are facilities that house all the necessary equipment and internet connections to store, process, and distribute the vast amounts of content and data created every second of every day. Data centers foster the digital ecosystems that enable faster video downloads, seamless streaming, and uninterrupted participation in high-definition video conferences.


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Benefits and Perks

Live Well

We believe that well-being goes beyond standard healthcare benefits. That’s why we offer more than medical, dental, and vision plans. Whether you’re into yoga or personal training, we also provide wellness reimbursements.

  • ● Mental health/Wellbeing plan for employees and their families
  • ● Global Virtual Healthcare Services
  • ● Wellness Expense Reimbursement
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Supporting Charitable Causes and Honoring Military Service: We Match Your Contributions and Provide Leave Benefits:

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We value hard work and smart work, with a balanced approach including paid vacations, holidays, sick time, and special breaks. For personal and family needs, additional time off is available. We also offer:

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Being at the forefront of technology, requires a passion for learning. We support your drive to expand your knowledge with:

  • ● Professional Certifications
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In addition to the traditional benefits, you may be eligible for additional perks to support your professional and personal wellbeing:

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EdgeConneX is committed to fostering a workplace that champions Equal Employment Opportunity and affirmative action. We make employment decisions without regard to gender, race, color, national origin, age, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or veteran status, in compliance with all applicable laws.

At EdgeConneX, we believe in maintaining a transparent and fair employment marketplace for all of our team members. We have established guidelines to ensure that we do not engage in unlawful agreements with other businesses to restrict the recruitment or employment of each other’s workforce.