Extensive interconnection solutions at our carrier-neutral data centers enabling direct access to over 100 network service providers worldwide.

Connect Your Edge

EdgeConneX data centers are home to multiple network, cable, internet, and cloud access service providers that offer a dense fabric of connected networks linking service providers with local customers to enable an optimal user experience.

Our interconnection solutions range from physical connectivity options within the data center to virtual options available through our Software Defined Networking (SDN) partners, all delivering fast, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity to meet your specific networking requirements.

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Cloud Interconnection

We offer strategic cloud connectivity incorporating on-site private connections between your colocation deployment and the cloud.

This includes direct cloud connections for critical production infrastructure through strategic partners AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as SDN connectivity to other major cloud providers including Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, Nutanix Xi Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, and more.

Efficiently manage all your cloud connectivity usage through our SDN partners online portal access, leveraging all available optimization tools to make your platforms agile and easily configurable.


Cloud Access Solutions


Cross Connects

Easily establish on-site network connectivity between two different termination locations within our data center through our physical interconnection services.

Our cross connects are physically hardwired, ensuring lower latency and better reliability for your networking requirements. We offer connections through all the primary physical service mediums, including fiber, copper, and coax.

Virtual Connections

Use one of our growing list of Software Defined Networking (SDN) partners to enable virtual connections locally within our data center, across the county, or around the globe.

Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) can be provisioned real-time, through an online customer facing portal, allowing on-demand management of your ever-changing network requirements.

This allows you to easily connect to public clouds, service providers, partners, and suppliers in different data centers and regions, and enable private, secure connections and avoid extended network provisioning delays.

Peering Exchanges

Local Internet Exchanges (IXs) are available in select EdgeConneX data centers for localized peering. This offers a localized option for ISPs to directly connect between networks and exchange IP traffic.

Current IX Partners Include:

–  NL-IX
–  Vegas-IX
–  And more

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While enterprise cloud adoption continues to grow rapidly, a number of significant obstacles remain for enterprise deployments includingconcerns about Security, Latency, Cost, Expertise and Performance. Our new E-Book guides you through the journey and how best to engage with best of breed partners to help solve common cloud migration challenges.

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Benefits & Differentiators

Network Diversity

Our data centers offer diverse network access to over 100 of the world’s largest carrier platforms to help solution any local, regional, national, or global connectivity requirements.  We have the options to fit your needs.

Cloud Access

EdgeConneX has partnered with AWS and Azure to offer direct, secure cloud access natively in our key data centers along with other virtual SDN-enabled options in multiple Edge Data Centers across North America and Europe.


Order Anytime

Our EdgeOS online portal is an industry-leading self-service management platform that allows our customers to order any cross connect, 24x7x365, as demand is needed.


EdgeConneX offers month-to-month terms for all cross connect services, allowing our customers to manage their network interconnection demands without being locked into a long-term contract.

Quick Installations

Our team of certified operations professionals will quickly install and provision your new cross connect service, allowing you to meet your operational deadlines.

Low Cost

EdgeConneX offers consistent, low-cost interconnection pricing across our data center portfolio so you have predictable control over your networking costs.

When it comes to satisfying our customers, closing the sale is just the beginning. Quick, efficient installation is where we have a real opportunity to satisfy our customers and shareholders. By partnering with EdgeConneX, we have access to over 10,000 buildings with pre-negotiated entry rights and permits, allowing us to dramatically improve our quote to revenue time.

Brian Crotty, COO of Broadview Networks

Connectivity everywhere is now a reality. Next, we'll expect outstanding performance from digital services. This is why the edge, in perfect combination with cloud, is vital for the digital transformation of connectivity across the globe.

Kim Povlsen, VP General Manager of Schneider Electric

The EdgeConneX Edge Data Center model enables new opportunities for in-market interconnection that offer a substantial performance improvement over the traditional centralized interconnection model.

Noam Freedman, Senior Vice President, Networks & Chief Network Architect at Akamai Technologies

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