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For many businesses that are driving data and computing further out at the edge, a new type of data center may be needed—smaller in size but still powerful, and in some cases custom-built or expandable as needs grow. Solutions like IoT, smart cities, 5G networking applications, and Machine Learning may require even more flexibility from data center providers than even the most innovative businesses may have needed in the past. EdgeConneX delivers flexibility and collaboration to these new and emerging technology customers around the globe.

Whether your focus is IoT, 5G or Smart Cities, your competitive edge depends on user experience. It depends on how well your digital infrastructure can deliver the speed, power, and availability your customers demand. An edge strategy can help. Download our EdgeBook for a variety of resources to help you explore new ways to think about how the edge – however you define it – can help you deliver the best UX.

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Benefits & Differentiators


Whether you need to be close to enterprises, consumers, networks, cloud services, or IoT devices, we have solutions that lower latency and give you the edge you need.

Cloud Services

With EdgeConneX solutions, Cloud Services and applications are moved closer to the enterprise itself, meaning business critical issues including performance, security, and cost are all improved.

High-Density Power

With high-density power available from 40kW to 100+kW per rack, EdgeConneX enables the highest levels of efficiency and capacity for today’s servers and applications, and tomorrow’s.


We have hands-on experience delivering data center solutions from 100kW to 100MW, in your neighborhood and around the globe.


From Hyperscale to IoT, and everything in between, we work with you every step of the way to deliver the capacity, connectivity, proximity, and power you need to Empower Your Edge.


Our unique self-service management application, offering visibility into every aspect of data center operations across all EdgeConneX facilities, from a single pane of glass.

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