AdaniConneX: Delivering 1 GW of Sustainable Data Center Capacity in India

May 3, 2022

India is one of the most exciting data center markets in the world. Demand is surging, far outpacing existing supply. Hundreds of megawatts of additional data center capacity must be built, which poses a unique opportunity to drive sustainability, scalability,...

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ESG Research Report Reveals Application Infrastructure Modernization Trends Across Distributed Cloud Environments

February 4, 2022

In late 2021, EdgeConneX sponsored a research initiative by ESG (a division of TechTarget) to explore how organizations are striking the balance between cloud-native and legacy infrastructure. The research provides insight into “the state of contemporary application infrastructure environments, the...

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How an Ecosystem at the Edge Enables Enterprises to Achieve Digital Transformation

December 9, 2021

In a recent report, Accenture noted that 76% of business leaders surveyed agree current business models will be unrecognizable in the next five years — ecosystems will be the main change agent. However, ecosystem benefits as they relate to digital...

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The Mega Demands of the Metaverse

November 22, 2021

How we socialize, interact, do business, share knowledge and experiences - essentially our entire current form of communication - is transforming. It’s going “meta.” But what exactly does that mean and who cares? The what, why and how can best...

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EdgeConneX Receives Frost & Sullivan for 2021 Competitive Strategy Leadership Award

November 15, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic and the proliferation of next generation applications have brought increased demand and expectation for data center services. Our team strives to swiftly and effectively facilitate business continuity and an exceptionally high level of security to our customers...

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Breaking Barriers – The Ladies of Data Centers

November 10, 2021

It’s been a while now where women have been highly underrepresented, a problem that is not exclusive to the data center world.  But as this is our sector, we must turn the tables and make space for change without hesitation....

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Customers People Planet: Actions Speaking Loudly

October 26, 2021

In a recent Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) blog, our own CMO, Phillip Marangela, writes: Customers, People, Planet. These are more than words to EdgeConneX. They drive our focus, our business, and our services: the data center solutions and tools our...

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EdgeConneX with Salute Mission Critical on Partnerships for the Greater Good

October 8, 2021

Since 2014, hyperscale data centre operator EdgeConneX and global veterans’ talent empowerment firm, Salute Mission Critical, have been partnering to change the lives of thousands of veterans across the Americas, Europe and soon in Asia. Fighting stigmas and preconceptions, the...

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Service Providers: Empower Your Edge

September 9, 2021

Whether you provide XaaS or cloud access solutions or managed services, or some other kind of cloud service, a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge enables you to deliver the kind of cloud your customers need: easy, economical, and fast....

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The Next Generation of the Edge is Under the Sea

August 12, 2021

As the next generation of submarine cables proliferate, there’s a growing need for edge data centers that can serve as cable landing stations. Here are the details you need to know - what these edge cable landing stations are, why...

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