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Oracle FastConnect

Offering dedicated, private, high-bandwidth connections in Santiago and other EdgeConneX locations

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Oracle Network Cloud Service FastConnect

For companies looking to extend their IT workloads into the Oracle Public Cloud, direct cloud connectivity offers the speed, security, and reliability IT professionals need. FastConnect, an Oracle Network Cloud Service, is now available in Santiago and accessible through other EdgeConneX Edge Data Center locations around the globe.

FastConnect provides a dedicated, reliable, and standards-based solution to access your Oracle Cloud Services. It creates high-speed connectivity, allowing you to predictably, securely, and consistently exchange large volumes of data between your private and public clouds. FastConnect bypasses the public internet, eliminating the unpredictable nature of exchanging traffic often experienced when using the public internet.

This solution enables private direct network links from the local Edge Data Center, allowing on-demand virtual connections to be provisioned real time, through the online portal or another network-connected device to Oracle cloud environments.

How Oracle FastConnect Works

FastConnect is a network service, and provides a direct private connection into the entire Oracle Cloud ecosystem, including Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS services like Oracle Compute Cloud Service, Oracle Storage Cloud Service, Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service.

By connecting through EdgeConneX, dedicated network links can be made from our Edge Data Centers, enabling a private end-to-end service provisioned directly into the global Oracle Cloud platform. This connection eliminates the need for securing expensive traditional network connectivity, improves network performance, increases security, and reduces overall cost for privately connecting to Oracle Cloud environments.

Oracle FastConnect Availability

We currently offer a native Oracle FastConnect node in Santiago, and have SDN-enabled locations across the U.S. and Europe.

At these non-native on-ramp locations, we partner with industry-leading SDN providers like Megaport and PacketFabric to bring private cloud access solutions to the edge. These SDN solutions leverage extensive software platforms to control an on-demand network infrastructure, supplying elastic bandwidth for virtual connections to Oracle and enabling full automation and service flexibility.

Key Benefits of SDN Partners:

  • Automatic on-demand provisioning
  • Flexible service terms
  • Full network management control to help align to the changing needs of your network

Additional Benefits

Scale bandwidth as needed by upgrading or downgrading port speed based on your business needs and data transfer profile needed at that moment, and change it as requirements shift.

Once FastConnect service is enabled, you can access all supported Oracle Cloud services within a market and/or region by using your single connection.

FastConnect is based on a flat rate per port chosen, with zero data transfer charge.  Costs remain low and predictable.

FastConnect provides a predetermined path for data movement, avoiding collisions, packet ordering, and security and latency issues inherent with data transfer over the public internet.

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How to Order Oracle FastConnect

1. Reference all necessary next steps for FastConnect service activation on the Oracle Network Cloud Service website.

2. Engage directly with EdgeConneX to start a physical cross connect request to Oracle FastConnect. Contact us at cloudaccess@edgeconnex.com for additional information.

3. For all virtual connection options through SDN partner Megaport, reference detailed information here.

4. After connections are in place, complete your end-to-end virtual interface(s) with the Oracle Cloud.

Further Details

For additional information regarding Oracle FastConnect, go to https://www.oracle.com/cloud/networking/fastconnect-services.html.

For additional information regarding the Megaport service capabilities, go to https://www.megaport.com/ or email oracle@megaport.com.

For all other questions, contact us at cloudaccess@edgeconnex.com.

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