Oracle FastConnect

Offering private, secure access across multiple EdgeConneX locations

Oracle Network Cloud Service FastConnect

For companies looking to extend their IT workloads into the Oracle Public Cloud, direct cloud connectivity offers the speed, security, and reliability IT professionals need. FastConnect, an Oracle Network Cloud Service, is now available in multiple EdgeConneX Edge Data Center locations across North America. FastConnect provides a dedicated, reliable, and standards-based solution to access your Oracle Cloud Services. It creates high-speed connectivity, allowing you to predictably, securely, and consistently exchange large volumes of data between your private and public clouds. FastConnect bypasses the public internet, eliminating the unpredictable nature of exchanging traffic often experienced when using the public internet. This solution, offered by EdgeConneX and our networking partner Megaport, enables private direct network links from the local Edge Data Center, allowing on-demand virtual connections to be provisioned real time, through the online portal or another network-connected device to Oracle cloud environments.

FastConnect is a network service, and provides a direct private connection into the entire Oracle Cloud ecosystem, including Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS services including Oracle Compute Cloud Service, Oracle Storage Cloud Service, Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service. By connecting through EdgeConneX and our partner Megaport, direct network links can be made from EdgeConneX Edge Data Centers, enabling an end-to-end provisioned service to any FastConnect cloud on-ramp globally. This connection eliminates the need for securing expensive traditional network connectivity, improves network performance, increases security, and reduces overall cost for privately connecting to Oracle Cloud environments.

What are the benefits of utilizing EdgeConneX to connect to Oracle cloud environments?

Elastic and On-Demand

Connection bandwidths to Oracle Cloud can be changed on-demand, allowing the flexibility needed to upgrade and downgrade connections as network and workload demands warrant. This instant capacity management, enabled by the Megaport software platform, can be done anytime, on any device.

Single Connection, Multiple Services

Once FastConnect service is enabled, you can access all supported Oracle Cloud services within a market and/or region by using your single connection.

Usage-based Pricing

Metered pricing options are available for data transferred between your network and the Oracle Cloud. Only pay for what you use.


FastConnect provides the building blocks to easily create a fully redundant service with two connections from your network edge to the Oracle Cloud network edge. This ensures a high level of availability, and helps to provide continued network connectivity for critical applications and workloads.


What is Megaport, and how does it help provide access to the FastConnect service?

Megaport is a software service controlling a global hardware infrastructure that supplies elastic bandwidth for virtual connections, all enabled through a web portal or mobile app, allowing full automation and service flexibility. EdgeConneX has partnered with Megaport in multiple Edge Data Centers to bring on-demand public cloud access to the edge, all leveraging their global network footprint.

Service Benefits

  • Real time provisioning and deprovisioning of virtual connections established to leading global public cloud providers including Oracle
  • Multi-cloud access allows the ability to provision virtual connections to various cloud services on the fabric over a single port
  • Flexible contract terms are offered on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Total network management control is provided over iOS, Android, Windows, and any compliant web browser

How to order Oracle FastConnect?

Steps for connecting to FastConnect from EdgeConneX Edge Data Centers:


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