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Celebrating International Day of Clean Energy 2024: Innovation in Action 

January 24, 2024

As we approach the International Day of Clean Energy on January 26, 2024, it’s time to take stock of our progress and the challenges we face in achieving a sustainable energy future. This day, established by the United Nations General Assembly, is a call to action for the world to appreciate the importance of clean energy and to mobilize collective efforts towards its promotion. Clean energy is vital in reducing emissions and can benefit communities lacking access to reliable power sources.  

The interplay between clean energy, socio-economic development, and environmental sustainability is pivotal in tackling vulnerable communities’ challenges. For those needing access to clean energy, the absence of dependable power stalls progress in education, healthcare, security, reliability, and economic opportunities. The world is moving to align itself with Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), which strives to ensure everyone can access affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy by 2030.  

Harnessing AI for a Cleaner Future 

EdgeConneX has focused on making significant strides with our innovative AI-enabled approach to 24/7 Carbon Free Energy (CFE). CFE is a new concept that tracks carbon-free energy usage in near real-time hourly or even more precise increments. This can be applied to both new and existing data centers, ensuring they are powered with 100% renewable electricity at any time, regardless of the energy mix of the local grid. 

This innovative AI approach enables older, less efficient facilities to take better advantage of cleaner energy, reducing their carbon footprint without requiring new construction. 24/7 CFE can significantly reduce an older data center’s environmental impact by minimizing reliance on local use of fossil fuels without requiring major changes to energy efficiency rates. This helps achieve ESG goals and increases acceptance within local communities. 

Meaningful Impacts 

EdgeConneX focus on sustainable practices extends beyond our innovative use of AI. The company secured $4.2 billion in sustainability-linked financing, and received ISO 14001 certification for its Amsterdam data center facilities. We also ensure that all of our data centers globally are powered by 100% renewable energy and achieved 100% carbon neutrality for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions with a significant 44% reduction in Scope 3 emissions. These noteworthy achievements are part of the EdgeConneX bold sustainability agenda, which paves the way forward for environmental leadership and social responsibility. 

“As we approach the International Day of Clean Energy, I am struck by the profound importance of our collective mission. The promise of a sustainable energy future is more than an ideal—it’s necessary in our fight against climate change and a lifeline for communities still struggling to access reliable power. EdgeConneX holistic commitment to sustainable solutions motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries and implementing innovative solutions to drive real impact. As we mark the International Day of Clean Energy, let’s renew our commitment as an industry and work together to build a future powered by clean, sustainable energy for everyone.” – Haley Willis – Environmental and Regulatory Engineer, EdgeConneX 

A Global Commitment to Sustainability 

Joining the RE 100 global corporate renewable energy initiative and the iMasons Climate Accord further solidify EdgeConneX dedication to reducing carbon footprints in digital infrastructure services. EdgeConneX tracks various metrics in our annual sustainability reports, including stats related to carbon intensity, water withdrawals, operational PUE, and reduction in Scope 3 emissions. These actions reflect our commitment to operate a carbon-, water-, and waste-neutral global data center platform powered by 100% renewable energy by 2030. 

In addition, EdgeConneX was recently recognized with the highest ranking in the Structure Research 2023 State of Environmental Impact report, highlighting our deep commitment to efficiency and transparency as it relates to sustainability and the environment.  

Green Efforts Across APAC 

AdaniConneX, EdgeConneX partner in India, is firmly committed to sustainability, aiming to power all its data centers with 100% renewable energy by 2030. With sustainability initiatives extending to effective water and energy management, AdaniConneX is also exploring sustainable technologies such as solar-wind hybrid, energy storage, hydrogen fuel cells, and much more to drive decarbonization. 

AdaniConneX flagship ‘Chennai 1’ hyperscale data center stands out as Tamil Nadu’s first Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) pre-certified Platinum Rated facility, offering enterprises and hyperscale customers with eco-friendly solutions powered by up to 100% renewable energy. 

In addition, EdgeConneX has a strategic partnership with Chayora in China with data center campuses in Tianjin and Shanghai. These facilities have access to clean and renewable power, high speed, and diverse fiber connectivity and access to required water resources. 

International Day of Clean Energy is a call to raise awareness and mobilize action. With determination, dedication, and ingenuity, a sustainable, clean energy future is within our reach. 

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