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Beijing-Tianjin Data Center Campus

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Empower Your Edge in Tianjin

Data center services provided through Chayora

Now in the world’s fastest-growing data center market, EdgeConneX is offering edge capacity to serve the tri-province area including Beijing, Tianjin, and Heibei provinces, home to 150 million people. Our first Tianjin data center is planned to grow into a campus of facilities with up to 100MW of power available for major cloud, content, and network providers. Working with our partners in China, EdgeConneX is able to facilitate connectivity between Chinese businesses and service providers and the wider global digital economy.

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Beijing-Tianjin Data Center at a Glance

Some facts and figures you need to know about our data center services in Tianjin

150 million people in the tri-province area
70 miles from Tianjin to Beijing
100MW planned deployment
15MW available by YE2021

Tianjin Data Center Details and Specifications

  • Space

    • Three story building – 38,258m2 total
      – Phase 1 – 15,586m2
      – Phase 2 – 22,672m2
    • Phase 1: 2 x 1,000m2 data halls (500 52U racks per hall) on stream
    • Phase 2: 2,000 racks available in an additional 4 x 1,000m2 technical white- space data halls
    • Office areas total gross 4,250m2 to be reserved in Phase 1
  • Power

    • Distributed redundant N+1 or 2N primary power
    • DR N+1 / 2N UPS – 15 Minute full load battery back up
    • N+1 generators – 24-hour full load on-site fuel capacity with 2 fuel supply contracts
    • 4 x 10 kV Power from different sub- stations
    • Power monitoring at the individual rack level
  • Cooling

    • Dual chilled water risers and dual ring distribution on respective floors with Isolation valves at all components
    • 2N power feed for cooling equipment such as chillers, pump, AHUs, CRAH
    • UPS power to control system of the cooling infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted control at all time
    • 15 min thermal storage for uninterrupted cooling capability
    • Temperature monitoring at individual rack level
    • IT load average 8KW/rack, max up to 15KW/rack
    • Best in class energy efficiency – PUE < 1.2
  • Security

    • 24/7 onsite security and operation services § 9-layer of security – including access cards, biometrics, man-traps, X-ray machine, metal detectors
    • Floor loading 12kN/m2
    • Cargo lifts between floors
    • 4 loading docks, 2 staging rooms for direct delivery to Data Halls
  • Networks

    • Carrier neutral, connectivity options with major carriers
    • Connectivity options to multiple cloud platforms
    • Diverse fibre entry to campus and buildings
    • Redundant carrier rooms, and redundant meet-me rooms (MMR) per floor
    • Fully redundant in-house wiring
    • <1.5ms round trip delay to Beijing CBD (route dependant)
  • Fire Suppression

    • VESDA, pre action sprinklers and/or Inert gas fire suppression system for data halls
    • Distributed fire alarm controls equipment to avoid single point of failure
    • Direct alarm link to local fire station within 200m on adjacent site
    • Addressable analogue fire alarm system compromising fire indicator panel (FIP), mimic panels, heat detection and MASDs systems
    • Leak detection systems in all critical rooms and data halls
    • Emergency warning systems throughout the building
  • EdgeOS

    • EdgeOS, our next generation data center operating system and DCIM provides real-time visibility, including ticketing and SLA management for all EDC locations
  • Additional Services

    • Remote hands service
    • HQ company registered on-site entitled to significant tax concessions & incentives

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