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Greater Shanghai, China

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Empower Your Edge in Shanghai

Data Center Services provided through Chayora

The planned EdgeConneX Shanghai data center, designed to offer multi-tenant purpose-built wholesale capacity, connectivity, and cloud access to this fast-growing, underserved market, is a key development for our entry into China. Shanghai is the largest city in China, home to over 24 million people, and with extensive fiber, power density, and peering options, our newest facility in the country will deliver high-quality, low-latency, and global interconnectivity to accelerate content delivery, Cloud access and communications services to the region.

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Our Shanghai Data Center at a Glance

Some facts and figures you need to know about our data center services in Shanghai

~80km NW of Shanghai Pudong Airport
900,000sf across 3 buildings
<1.2 Annualized PUE
Planned for Q2 2022 opening

Shanghai Data Center Details and Specifications

  • Space

    • Home to 24 million residents and many of the largest businesses in China

    • The world’s busiest container port

    • Each floor in 3 buildings capable of up to 4MW of power

  • Power

    • Planned for up to 4MW per floor across 3 buildings

    • 4kW – 15kW per rack

    • N+1 with diesel backup

    • Annualized average PUE of less than 1.2

  • Cooling

    • Temperature and humidity monitored, managed to industry standards

    • Monitored at individual rack basis

    • N+1 with 15 minutes thermal storage backup

    • Environmental Envelope:
    Temp: 23°C – 27°C
    Humidity: 40% – 60%

  • Security

    • Minimum 8 layers of security

    • Access cards, iris scanner, and video analytics

    • Interior managed security zones • NOC services

  • Networks

    • Carrier-neutral facilities with major network operators planned

    • Building POEs are diverse, with a variety of fiber conduits to physically diverse MMR’s

    • Interconnection services available

  • Fire Suppression

    • Pre-action, zoned dry-pipe sprinkler, gas suppression, and VESDA

  • EdgeOS

    • EdgeOS, our next generation data center operating system provides real-time visibility, including ticketing and SLA management for all EDC locations

  • Additional Services

    • Remote hands services for break fixes, configuration and troubleshooting

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