Santiago, Chile Data Center

Empower Your Edge in Santiago

EdgeConneX offers a first-of-its-kind multi-tenant purpose-built wholesale Data Center in Chile, a leading economy in the Americas and a growing digital, telecommunications, and sub-sea cable hub.

With extensive fiber, density and peering options EdgeConneX will deliver high-quality, low-latency, and international interconnectivity to accelerate content delivery, cloud access and communications services to the region.

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Our Santiago Data Center At a Glance

Facts and figures you about our Santiago data center.

Data Hall 1 1,393 sq meters
Total Planned Space 2600 sq meters
21km from downtown Santiago
Capable of 600+ watts per sq ft

Santiago Data Center Specifications and Details

  • Space
    • Data Hall 1: 1,393 sq meters
    • Total Planned Space: 2,600 sq meters
    • Customer work space available
    • Space available for secure customer storage
    • 21 km from downtown Santiago
    • 26 km from Santiago International Airport
    • Wi-Fi network access and cell phone repeaters/boosters throughout facility
  • Network
    • Building POEs are diverse, with a variety of fiber conduits to physically diverse MMR’s
    • Network neutral with multiple networks and interconnections available
    • Interconnection services available
  • Power
    • Concurrently maintainable power in a minimum of an N+1 configuration to include:
      • PDU
      • UPS
      • Generators
    • Capable of 20+kW per cabinet
    • Design for 3.5MW N+1 total
    • Capable of growth to 7MW N+1
    • Capable of 600+ watts per sq ft
    • Real-time branch circuit monitoring
  • Cooling
    • Temperature and humidity monitored, controlled and managed to industry standards
    • N+1 CRACs located in separate suites, maximizing customer-designated areas
  • Security
    • Multi-stage security containment systems
    • Mantraps and strictly enforced protocols regarding entry access
    • Video surveillance with extended online video storage
    • Interior managed security zones
    • National network operations center for security management
    • NOC services
  • Fire Suppression
    • Pre-action, zoned dry-pipe sprinkler systems with zoned maintenance aisles and separate suites
  • EdgeOS
    • EdgeOS, our next generation data center operating system provides real-time visibility, including ticketing and SLA management for all EDC locations
  • Optional Services
    • Remote hands services for break fixes, configuration and troubleshooting
    • EdgeConneX Services: design, build, implement and maintain your equipment infrastructure


Carretera General
San Martín 8.400
Colina, Santiago - Chile
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