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Shanghai, China

Empowering Digital Enterprises for Success with High-quality Data Center Infrastructure 

January 29, 2024

Written By: Tina Tsui, Chayora Marketing Director

What are the key considerations for selecting the ideal data center provider? In a series of articles, our partner in China, Chayora, and the Chinese publication Fun Technology explore China’s rapidly evolving data center landscape. Tina Tsui, Chayora Marketing Director, examines the top design considerations for data centers amidst surging demand for resilient digital infrastructure. 

Eastern Data, Western Computing 

China issued a series of policies around the planning of computing power in data centers as early as 2020, proposing a national integrated data center system with the idea of strengthening the country’s capabilities in data processing, storage, and computing capacity.  

This would be achieved by building several national hub nodes and data center clusters at key locations in eastern and western China. Among others, the proposed “Eastern Data, Western Computing” plan entails the melding of policies, infrastructure, and the management of data to balance the demand for more computing power in the East with the land and renewable energy-rich Western regions. 

Key Data center design considerations  

Within China, the rapid development of the digital economy has led to increasing demand for reliable and reliability IT infrastructure. As the data center landscape continues to evolve, here are four key factors that digital enterprises should consider when choosing a data center: 

  • Safety and reliability: Data centers must operate uninterrupted around the clock to avoid data loss and downtime. 
  • Customization on demand: Some data centers can fully customize and tailor their services to the specific needs of individual customers. 
  • Energy saving and consumption reduction: Data centers should invest in green measures and operate in an energy-efficient manner to reduce environmental impact. 
  • Flexible expansion: Data centers with expansion potential can enable customers to expand quickly, locally or globally, to accommodate business growth. 

Shanghai luggage tagBeijing-Tianjin luggage tagChayora has a proven track record of building high-quality data center infrastructure for a wide range of customers that meet the above requirements and more. Its data centers are designed to be as reliable and energy efficient as possible. Chayora is also committed to energy saving and consumption reduction. This enables the company to provide the high-quality infrastructure to meet its clients’ growing digital needs and empower them for success. 

For more information on the Beijing-Tianjin Data Center Campus, please visit: https://www.edgeconnex.com/locations/asia-pacific/tianjin/  

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