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Data Ingest for Autonomous Fleets

Data Transfer from Car to Cloud

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Autonomous Vehicle Data Offload at the Edge

Every hour, autonomous vehicles collect roughly one terabyte of data, or the equivalent of about 400 hours of HD video streaming. This data can’t be sent to engineers over a cellular network – it would take far too long and be way too expensive.

The solution? An EdgeConneX Edge or Far Edge Data Center.

Technicians can physically remove discs from AVs at the conclusion of operations. Then the discs are loaded into a networking data offload node at an EdgeConneX Data Center in close proximity to the company’s AV Depot. There, the data is compressed and transferred to their Cloud provider of choice for analysis.

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AV Fleet In-Depot Solutions

EdgeConneX is developing data transfer stations for AV Depots, where vehicles connect to a “hub” which allows them to simultaneously receive an electric charge and transmit (upload/offload) their data securely to the cloud.

Streamlining large-scale data transmission and moving away from a manual tape-storage approach greatly enhances speed for data analysis, security and operational efficiency for autonomous fleets.

Let’s talk about ways we can partner to develop an AV depot that meets your specific fleet needs:

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