Charging + Data Transfer for AV Fleets

Power and connectivity for autonomous EV fleets

Autonomous Vehicle Data Offload at the Edge

Every hour, autonomous vehicles (AVs) collect roughly one terabyte of data, or the equivalent of about 400 hours of HD video streaming. This data can’t be sent to engineers over a cellular network; it would take far too long and be way too expensive. The alternative – physically packaging and mailing storage tapes to a cloud data center – is operationally inefficient and dramatically increases the time it takes to train AV algorithms.

That’s why our EV charging solution for AV fleets includes data center capacity. Technicians physically remove the discs from the vehicles and load them into a networking data offload node at the micro data center located onsite at the charging depot. There, the data is compressed and transferred to the cloud for analysis. Streamlining large-scale data transmission in this way greatly enhances speed for data analysis, security and operational efficiency for autonomous fleets.

Serving the Specific Needs of AVs

Strategic locations to optimize AV routes

AV fleets face particular constraints on how routes are optimized and where depots are located. It’s essential to have a partner like us with expertise in acquiring, permitting, and powering sites in land-constrained and power-constrained areas.

Depots designed for autonomous vehicles

Just as AV fleets are constrained by the particular requirements of the routes the algorithms are trained on, so are they constrained once the vehicles arrive at the depot. Logistics that are simple for vehicles with human drivers can be very complicated for AVs, making AV-specific depot design mission critical.

Scalability for the future

The autonomous vehicle market remains in its early days, but the growth potential is enormous. So AV companies with relatively small fleets today need assurance they can scale quickly and massively in the future.

Case Study: EV Charging Depot With Data Transfer Station for AV Fleet

A leading AV taxi service engaged with EdgeConneX to offload data from its vehicles into the cloud at the EdgeConneX data center. Fleet managers realized they’d be able to improve vehicle utilization – and train the AI more quickly – if the EVs could charge while technicians offloaded the data. So we deployed our first EV charging depot, with 700 kW of utility power and 14 fast-charging stations, in the data center parking lot.

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