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Commercial fleets are transitioning to EVs

Fleet operators are transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) at an increasingly rapid pace. Every 3 seconds, a new fleet EV is put into service somewhere in the world. All sizable commercial fleet operators have made commitments to sustainability, many committing to 100% zero emissions vehicles within the next two decades.

To electrify at scale, fleets need lots of power, in specific locations, quickly

Achieving the transition to EVs will require significant changes in how fleets are managed. In particular, EV charging depots need to be strategically located to maximize vehicle time in service, minimize congestion, and realize electric vehicles’ TCO promise. Acquiring, permitting, and powering these sites – often in urban centers – is a tough new challenge for most fleet operators.

•  Charging depots often require real estate in land-constrained areas

•  In some areas, permitting may be tough

•  In urban areas it may be hard to secure multi-MW of new grid capacity

•  And it all has to be done quickly to meet EV deployment timelines

That’s why EdgeConneX is in the EV fleet infrastructure business

As a pioneer in the digital infrastructure industry, EdgeConneX has solved many of the same challenges EV fleet operators face – acquiring, permitting, and powering sites in strategic locations, while ensuring our customers’ speed to market.

• From 100 kW to 100+ MW to suit customers’ specific needs

•  We did it fast – 23 data centers in one 24-month period

•  Our innovation of the traditional data center business model continues to enable customers to scale where they need, as quickly as they needed, without expending their own capital

And now we’re doing it for EV fleets, too.

Driving toward a world in which the movement of people and goods has net zero carbon impact, EdgeConneX enables commercial fleet operators to electrify at scale.

We site, build, and operate EV charging depots where and when our customers need them.

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With these proven capabilities and committed capital, we have a unique ability to procure, permit, and power charging depots in the right locations, at the right times.

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From 100 kW to 100+ MW to suit customers’ specific needs

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