Leveraging Edge Wireless has enabled CoverageCo to build out its small cell network more quickly and easily than originally planned. Their experience has given us a jump start on building real revenues while conserving capital for our rapid network expansion.”.
–Rich Biby, CEO of CoverageCo

Proximity Matters

On any device.

Digital content is interactive and dense, requiring exceptional network design for effective delivery. Optimizing content delivery and distribution, while enabling unsurpassed viewing experiences, ensures the highest user retention and new customer adoption. EdgeConneX keeps your network ahead of digital content growth and establishes your cellular service as an industry-leading benchmark.

Our best-in-class field operations team provides intelligent solutions for space, power and connectivity by designing, deploying and operating small cell solutions at the edge of the network. We understand the demands of digital content; customers expect their content to be available in real-time, and accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device. Leading wireless and fiber providers, municipalities and tower owners trust EdgeConneX to facilitate and manage the most superior mobile experiences for their customers.


Cost-effective backhaul alternatives offer unsurpassed, contracted access to over 65,000 cellular sites and 10,000 buildings in portfolio, with the ability to access almost any other building in the United States

Project-proven, small cell and backhaul expertise delivers a solution unique to your specific needs with expedited service delivery and revenue turn-up

Proven track record of 3,000 cell sites connected

Small cell solutions offered for both outdoor and in-building solutions over any geographic area, while addressing all real estate, power and backhaul complexities associated with the project

Our pioneering business model reduces capex requirements, decreases real estate risks, optimizes timelines and minimizes administrative, legal and operating costs

Expedited service delivery and revenue turn-up

Create a standard architecture for consistent and reliable deployment across all sites, nationwide, with standardized processes and a single point of escalation

Standard Edge Wireless Technical Specifications and Configuration

EdgeConneX Edge Wireless Solutions are created in partnership with leading mobile operators and equipment manufacturers, focusing on cellular backhaul and small cell deployments. We collaborate with local operations and construction teams to design, build and maintain wireless networks throughout the United States. Our team's 20-year history in the cellular industry has given us tremendous knowledge to make your experience with us perfect.

Site Acquisition

Our full-service site solution covers all zone and permit processes, owner interactions, site fees and legal work including vertical, horizontal, pole attachment and façade mounting rights. EdgeConneX holds and maintains the agreement with the property owner through the duration of the contract.

Project & Construction Management

Project and construction management and the associated delivery services for all field operations are part of our turnkey implementation. EdgeConneX submits architecture and engineering plans for construction, coordinates AAV/Backhaul service, provides ongoing and frequent process and program updates, and finalizes the project with detailed closeout documentation.


Our maintenance includes sparing, as well as warehousing of infrastructure deployed by EdgeConneX including mounting kits, conduits and breakers.

Antenna Access

Covers identification of the site landlord and relevant contact information for electrical, security and maintenance, as well as appropriate documentation required for site readiness.

Inside Plant

In-building distribution of cable, physical plant and power as required.


EdgeConneX provides the space, power and connectivity, as well as antenna access in and on the building.