EdgeConneX’s Edge PoP solution created a single entry point to a high-value building, allowing us to serve every tenant in that building without running multiple costly fiber runs. In fact, without this solution, serving a single tenant would have not have been cost justified”.
–CMO of a National Telecommunications Company

Scale Matters

Any building.
Any tenant.

The world’s leading property owners, network and cable operators, trust EdgeConneX to  build and maintain reliable telco-grade network PoPs, creating ubiquitous access to every tenant, from any Ethernet provider. EdgeConneX has a portfolio of over 10,000 buildings with pre-negotiated riser and access rights, space and power, combined with a nationwide team of experts who expedite service delivery and revenue turn-up. Moreover, our real estate team can quickly negotiate agreements to access any building nationwide.

With Edge PoP, network operators reduce cost and service turn-up times to more effectively satisfy the needs of every tenant, at any location. Our Edge PoP solutions immediately expand the revenue potential in a given market for network operators by providing a target-rich portfolio that increases efficiency and revenue per sales rep, leading to higher margins and shorter sales cycles. On-net buildings are valued significantly higher by the industry and shareholders than those reached via Type II telco providers. Edge PoP is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to add on-net buildings to your own building portfolio.


Unsurpassed, contracted access to over 10,000 buildings and 65,000 cellular sites, with the ability to quickly gain access to almost any building in the United States

Instant access to entry, space, power, risers and connectivity in high-tenancy buildings

Ability to target high-value portfolio buildings with access to our proprietary database detailing over 14 million individual business prospects in 4 million buildings (RIO: Edge Site Locator).

Monetize your assets with a consistent and exceptionally managed telco demarc, providing tenants with the ability to choose the most optimal solution for their needs and budget

Enhance your customer’s experience by eliminating expensive fiber build-outs, negotiations and lengthy delivery times

Our pioneering business model creates a more marketable asset to tenants, and attracts more interest from network providers by offering an easily accessible, target-rich environment

Create a consistent, reliable and timely deployment, with standardized processes and a single point of escalation by converting to an Edge PoP architecture within all your buildings

Standard Edge PoP Technical Specifications and Configuration

EdgeConneX Edge PoPs are built in partnership with the world’s leading property owners, and offer access to any tenant in any building. We design, build and maintain reliable, telco-grade network PoPs within buildings that create ubiquitous access to every tenant from any Ethernet provider. EdgeConneX has a portfolio of over 10,000 buildings with pre-negotiated access rights, space and power, combined with a nationwide team of experts who expedite service delivery and revenue turn-up.


Our initial configuration is a four-rack unit with the ability to add additional racks as needed. EdgeConneX is solely responsible for this space and handles all permits, construction and access to risers. Additionally, EdgeConneX is responsible for all capital expenses and resources associated with colocation installation, modifications and upgrades. Our customers have access to their space 24/7. EdgeConneX provides customer access procedures for towers and buildings prior to operations at the site.

Outside Plant

EdgeConneX provides all material, labor, tools, equipment and permitting required for the duration of the contract. Our conduit is buried at a minimum of 24 inches below grade and a maximum of 36 inches, depending on compliance and regulatory requirements from local, state and federal organizations.


EdgeConneX provides a conduit from the Edge PoP facility to an H-Frame and/or other common telco meet-me points at the site. Additional conduit installations can be reviewed, designed and built as needed by EdgeConneX.

Inside Plant

EdgeConneX installs risers for access to tenant locations. We also handle customer cable pulling, using fiber or Cat 5 from our equipment to the tenant location. All required grounding is included in this service.

Power & SLA

Power is provided via 48VDC service and integrated battery backup. This design provides 15 amps and eight hours of battery backup. EdgeConneX commits to and delivers upon mission critical SLAs.

Project Managment

EdgeConneX project manages from design and construction through full deployment. Upon a jointly determined statement of work, we provide a detailed delivery forecast with frequent, ongoing updates throughout the process. At completion of the project, EdgeConneX maintains responsibility for ongoing operations and upkeep of the Edge PoP.

New Revenue Opportunities

EdgeConneX provides customers with free training and access to our Web-based data warehouse (RIO: Edge Site Locator) for tenant data and reasonable data analysis support.