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Veterans at the Forefront: Transforming the Data Center Industry 

May 8, 2024

In today’s interconnected world, data centers are the backbone of our digital economy, powering everything from cloud-based applications to artificial intelligence and e-commerce. As we venture further into an era of high-performance computing and high-density deployments, the demand for skilled professionals in the data center sector has never been higher. Yet, the industry faces a significant challenge: a talent shortage that threatens innovation and growth.  

“Data centers are instrumental in supporting the shift towards more scalable and efficient computing solutions, supporting cloud and the future of Artificial Intelligence. However, addressing the talent shortage is crucial to ensure the expansion and up-time the digital economy requires – running mission-critical applications and operations on the cloud and now sustaining the tech industry’s further expansion and innovation in the domain of Artificial Intelligence.” – Don MacNeil, Chief Revenue Officer, EdgeConneX 

The volume of data being created and stored has surged, with IDC reporting a 61% annual growth rate in global data creation. This exponential growth underscores the need for a more skilled hands-on deck in data centers worldwide. MacNeil continues, “The talent crisis leads to increased costs, reduced innovation, and a pool of talent with retirement in its sights.” 

Solving this talent crisis requires innovative thinking and unconventional solutions. One such solution lies in hiring Veterans and the broader military community.  

“The precision, discipline, and work ethic developed during their service make Veterans excellent candidates for the data center sector. EdgeConneX celebrates and actively recruits Veterans, recognizing the unique skills they bring to the table.” – Steven E. Hill, Senior Director Solutions Architecture, EdgeConneX 

Veterans possess critical skills invaluable in the data center industry, from never quitting and being willing to learn to building high-performing teams and navigating complex challenges.  

“Veterans come from diverse backgrounds and utilize those unique experiences to collectively deliver superior data center services globally. Their roles range from operations and critical facility management to engineering, security, and maintenance, bridging the gap between the need for talent and underemployment in the veteran community” Brian Green, EVP Operations, Engineering, and Project Management, EdgeConneX 

EdgeConneX stands out for its commitment to empowering veterans within the industry. Our dedication to recruiting ex-military personnel is not just about filling roles; it’s about building a future.

“We are grateful for the chance to learn from our veterans. They play essential roles in our success, bringing exceptional skills like critical thinking, adaptability, attention to detail, and being team-oriented makes them ideally suited for the data center space.” Dave Foss, SVP Data Center Operations, EdgeConneX 

“The data center industry presents a unique opportunity for veterans to leverage their military skills in a dynamic and growing field. With veterans leading the charge, the future of digital infrastructure is in capable hands.” – Jeremy Dillard, Critical Systems Engineer, EdgeConneX 

 By tapping into this rich talent pool, companies can help solve the talent crisis and pave the way for the next generation of data centers. EdgeConneX salutes our Veterans who are instrumental in our global growth!


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