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AdaniConneX: Delivering 1 GW of Sustainable Data Center Capacity in India

May 3, 2022

India is one of the most exciting data center markets in the world. Demand is surging, far outpacing existing supply. Hundreds of megawatts of additional data center capacity must be built, which poses a unique opportunity to drive sustainability, scalability, and resiliency at scale.

In pursuit of that opportunity, EdgeConneX and Adani Group formed a joint venture, AdaniConneX, to build a digital infrastructure platform that will enable the growth of global hyperscalers looking to provide services in the world’s second-most populous country, as well as Indian enterprises looking to extend beyond national borders.

Get to know AdaniConneX in brief here in this blog post. For more detail, get your free copy of our latest interactive ebook, Introducing AdaniConneX.

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Demand for digital infrastructure in India is huge – and growing fast. Government programs like Digital India and MeghRaj, digital transformation, and 5G all drive increases in the amount of data generated. In addition, a new trend toward data localization and new data sovereignty laws will drive increased demand for data center capacity in India.

India is one of the most capacity-hungry data center markets in the world; current supply is a fraction of the capacity needed. India’s current data center capacity is around 500 MW and is one of the most exciting markets in the world estimated to grow at a double-digit CAGR by 2026.

Bottom line: Indian data infrastructure needs a massive upgrade.


AdaniConneX was formed to empower digital India with a national platform of data centers. The joint venture leverages Adani’s expertise in full-stack energy management, renewable power and real estate development, as well as its experience in building and managing large infrastructure projects throughout India. As a trusted provider of data center solutions to some of the largest and most demanding companies in the world, EdgeConneX brings extensive data center expertise and industry-leading technology solutions to the venture.

Beginning with a series of hyperscale facilities, AdaniConneX will also develop strategically placed edge data centers and far edge facilities, creating a highly distributed national platform of infrastructure to help bring cloud, content, and data closer to Indian businesses and consumers alike.

Access the ebook now to learn more about how AdaniConneX is driving sustainability, scalability, and resiliency at scale in India.


With an underlying foundation of sustainability, AdaniConneX differentiators drive value for enterprise, hyperscale and government customers.

The AdaniConneX advantage includes:
  • Sustainability – Our renewable energy platform enables up to 100% renewable energy from Day 1.
  • Automation – Our award-winning DCIM, EdgeOS, enables automation and a great customer experience through a single pane of glass.
  • Speed, scalability and safety – Our integrated supply chain, vendor ecosystem, 10+ years of experience, EHS framework and culture of safety enable fast time to market, scalability and safety.
  • Resiliency – Our zero human error mission, proven processes, data-driven operations and global standards enable resiliency.
  • Innovation and adaptability – Across 50+ data centers in 40+ unique markets, since 2009 we have proven expertise in designing data centers that solve local constraints.

Learn more about the AdaniConneX advantages and see examples of them in action. Access your free copy of the ebook now: 

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