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Empowering Your ‘Western Edge’

February 27, 2020

The EdgeConneX mission is to deliver highly proximate data centers, from hyperlocal to hyperscale, that enable our customers to best serve their end-users in any market around the world. Of course, it’s one thing to get a foothold in a core market like Silicon Valley. It’s another to actually put down roots and grow a platform footprint across the entire western region of the United States.

Data Centers in the Western U.S.

Denver 02 data center
Denver data center

With 11 data centers located in nine strategic markets across the West, EdgeConneX has built a robust Edge data center footprint for our service provider customers who need closer proximity to their customers and end users.  In addition to delivering data center capacity into new markets, it’s important to our customers that we keep pace with their growth to the markets where we already have a presence.

That growth is what is driving us to expand our data centers in Seattle, Portland, Phoenix and Denver, effectively reinforcing our position in these key ‘Western Edge’ markets. When complete, we will have added over 25MWs to our total available Edge capacity in the region. This is about bringing capacity, connectivity, and the edge closer to major cloud, content, and network service providers and businesses and consumers who rely on them.

So, what are the main drivers for this expansion in capacity out West?

Simply put, we’ve been seeing major content and cloud providers increasingly leverage our facilities to improve their network diversity and establish the essential, local cloud on-ramp solutions they need for their end-users.  Layer on other providers that support Autonomous Vehicles, Storage & Security solutions, Gaming, and AI applications, all of which collectively need economical, low latency, high powered data center solutions for their deployments.

We know our customers increasingly demand greater local access to their end-users to ensure a true edge experience. As a result, our focus is on delivering optimal performance, availability and diversity for them.

So, what all these expansions and enhancements are going to look like? We’ve broken it down by market for you:

Portland Data Center Market

•  Expanding Portland 01 by 1.5MW and POR02 by 3MW, bringing our Portland campus to 5MW total, with additional expansion planned
•  Available AWS Direct Connect deployment
•  Multi-Cloud access solutions from Megaport, PacketFabric and NetFoundry
•  Over 13 networks and Local IXs deployed

Phoenix Data Center Market

•  Hyperscale build-to-suit opportunity in Mesa, Arizona, capable of supporting more than 20MW, and tethered to our PHX01 facility
•  Ideally suited to support large, customizable, hyperscale deployments for content and cloud providers
•  PHX01 added 1MW of available capacity
•  Multi-cloud access availability from Megaport
•  Highly diverse network availability with over 11 cable, network service providers deployed and Phoenix-IX

Denver Data Center Market

•  Campus expansion will add over 21MWs of new capacity
•  Features Megaport elastic cloud connectivity fabric with access to scalable, on-demand cloud connectivity
•  Purpose-built and designed to support extremely high-power colocation densities and low latency connectivity to multiple cloud service providers

Seattle Data Center Market

•  Expanding our Seattle data center by 3.5MW
•  Over 6 networks and local IXs deployed

What’s Next in the West?

In addition to these markets, we also operate in key western metro areas including  Sacramento, Santa Clara, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City. Once these enhancements are complete, we will have fulfilled a long-standing goal to expand more than half of our edge locations into campus environments. Best of all, our expansions are in direct response to rising customer demand, not speculation.

Phoenix data center
Phoenix Data Center

Already, both our Portland and Phoenix data centers are recognized as leading network hubs.

In fact, our Portland data center campus is really a model for a ‘Western Edge’ market. Cloud and IT service providers, including Amazon, Megaport, Rackspace, Netapp, Zadara, PureStorage, and many others, are bringing their offerings locally to enterprises in the region. Previously, businesses had to connect up to Seattle or down to the Silicon Valley for similar solutions.

Similarly, with both Comcast and Cox having been in our Phoenix data center since 2014, our EdgeConneX site has become a leading metro area network interconnection point. It has attracted a robust content ecosystem that can now locally service the wider Phoenix market rather than routing traffic to and from Los Angeles as it did before. In doing so, they have saved substantially on network transport costs, greatly reduced latency, and improved the performance of their content delivery capability.

As our CEO Randy Brouckman says about these expansions: “EdgeConneX has been staying ahead of customer demand for edge deployment for many years – our ‘Western Edge’ expansion and focus is testament to both that growing demand and our ability to supply Edge capacity on a consistently timely basis.  We are going where our current and future customers need us most and that’s to bring their services and solutions as close to their customers as possible.”

Ready to Improve the Quality of Your Service Delivery to End-Users in the Western U.S.?

Contact us to schedule a data center tour or to get more information on any of our facilities. Our markets provide critical access to major enterprises and to content and cloud service providers – each with unique existing needs and growing demand. We’ll help bring more services, faster, to more end-users today and far into the future.