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Asia Pacific Demand for Data Centers

August 9, 2023

In an article featured in The Edge – Singapore, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, EdgeConneX, Kelvin Fong discusses the need for a strong partnership between the largest cloud service providers and data center operators and builders for faster infrastructure deployment to meet growing capacity requirements.  

“This is where a third-party provider steps in with the expertise and planning to address the concerns of hyperscalers, allowing them to focus on what matters the most—their clients. From a leasing perspective, data center providers enable speed-to-market with adaptable in-market solutions, giving businesses the capacity to onboard new clients and be flexible in meeting requirements if a new project with a short timeline emerges. Further, ‘build-to-suit’ data centers that are developed to a customer’s own specifications but with the experience and expertise offered by a global data center provider. This, along with dedicated support and substantial funding, can quicken the land acquisition process for potential development, enabling hyperscalers to hit the ground running in a new market. Ease of entry, cost effectiveness, and smoother launch all lead to a continued partnership between the largest cloud services and globally effective operators.”  – Kelvin Fong, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, EdgeConneX   

 The Asia Pacific region is witnessing a significant rise in demand for hyperscale cloud services, with projected revenue expected to reach over $221 billion by 2027. To address this demand, hyperscale giants are looking to build their own in-market data centers that enable low-latency usage of their platforms. However, deploying these data centers quickly and efficiently can be a challenge.  To overcome these challenges, third-party data center providers offer their expertise and planning capabilities to address the concerns of hyperscalers. Partnerships with data center providers offer ease of entry, cost-effectiveness, and smoother launches for hyperscalers.  

The data center industry serves as the infrastructure backbone for driving economic growth, employment generation, and boosting the digital economy. By partnering with data center providers, hyperscalers can achieve faster time-to-market, expand their reach, and support the growth of the digital economy in the Asia Pacific region. 

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