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A Double Triumph for Initiatives: EdgeConneX and AdaniConneX W.Media Awards 2023  

December 1, 2023

W.Media recently recognized EdgeConneX and AdaniConneX for exceptional contributions to the Asia Pacific data center sector. The EdgeConneX team received an award for our Skills Development Initiative. In addition, AdaniConneX earned the award for Digital Technology Inside the Data Center for the implementation of EdgeOS, a proprietary DCIM solution, at its Chennai 1 data center. These award wins highlight our deep commitments to innovation, sustainability, and skills enhancement within the data center sector.          

EdgeConneX recognized for Skills Development Initiative – GlobalConneX Training Program  

Recognizing the persistent challenge of a skills shortage in data centers worldwide, EdgeConneX comprehensive training program addresses this gap, spanning data center operations, engineering, sales, and management. The program provides employees with real-world experience and knowledge within live working data centers, fostering a positive and engaging learning environment. Beyond individual skills development, the program fosters closer industry relationships as the program includes partners and stakeholders.

Watch the recap video produced by our partner AdaniConneX, which highlights past trainings HERE

Chayora Marketing Director, Tina Tsui received the award on EdgeConneX behalf at the Awards Gala in Hong Kong.  

AdaniConneX sets the standard for Digital Technology Inside the Data Center  

AdaniConneX’s triumph in the “Digital Technology Inside the Data Center” category for implementing EdgeOS at their Chennai 1 data center underscores their dedication to future-thinking strategies that place the customer at the center of operational systems.   

EdgeOS is EdgeConneX patented, award-winning Data Center Operating System that goes beyond the standard Data Center Information Manager (DCIM) platform. Innovations in EdgeOS allows EdgeConneX, AdaniConneX, and our clients to manage, monitor, and control their global data center assets, operations, and footprint from a single pane of glass, from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

By deploying EdgeOS, AdaniConneX was able to improve energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint, aligning with the company’s overarching commitment to sustainability.

Mr. Raajdeep Kohale, Product Marketing Lead accepted the award at the ceremony. 



For more information on EdgeOS, please visit, EdgeOS – Remote Management When It Matters.

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