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EdgeOS™ Data Center Information Management: Remote Management When it Matters Most

March 19, 2020

At EdgeConneX, our strategy has always been to work closely with our customers to help them define and deliver the edge that their business needs in terms of the location, the size, and the density of each deployment while ensuring flexibility and responsiveness at every stage of the process.

This strategy is critical for businesses that need to maintain business continuity, while ensuring the safety of customers and employees by accelerating business IT process efficiencies and supporting a quickly expanding mobile workforce. This is the philosophy behind EdgeConneX Data Centers and its remote management via EdgeOS™.

Remotely Guarding Data Center Uptime and Management Through The EdgeOS DCIM

To efficiently operate our global data centers remotely and better serve our customers, EdgeConneX developed EdgeOS, our patented, award-winning Data Center Operating System that goes beyond the common Data Center Information Manager (DCIM) platform. Innovations in EdgeOS allow EdgeConneX and our clients to manage, monitor and control their global data center assets, operations, and footprint from a single pane of glass, from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

EdgeOS allows customers to:

• See and manage your data center deployments across all EdgeConneX locations, regardless of size
• View real-time and historical data down to the cabinet level
• View who is on site from your company at any time
• Communicate effectively with our operations and vendor teams
• Order product and services for faster turn-around
• View your installation through our cameras to monitor works in real-time and to ensure safe operations
• Scalability of systems allow you to see all your sites through a single, easy-to-use lens, across the globe
• Big Data Analysis provides informative and consistent Quarterly Business Reviews
• Provide moratoria that automatically moves our preventive maintenance schedules so as to provide comfort in business continuity

EdgeOS as used by our Operations staff and vendors provides additional benefits to our customers:

• Complete automation means faster response to issues not requiring human intervention
• Simplified communications directed to only individuals of interest from your company for correlated events that ONLY impact your business
• Monitoring and automation means that our data centers can run with minimal or no staffing required during emergencies
• EdgeConneX uses and analyzes all its big data to continuously improve its operations while giving the customer select views into that data.

Customers Can See & Manage All of their Data Center Deployments with EdgeOS

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EdgeOS allows customers to see and manage all of their data center deployments, across all locations as an unmanned, lights out, service. By putting the customer at the center of operational systems, EdgeOS creates operational efficiency and scale to support the fastest response times across all customer types and sizes.

By leveraging EdgeOS, organizations can be more nimble and agile and respond to any situation – scale up / down / expand / grow / recover and overall be more resilient. Among the most awarded DCIM tools in the industry, EdgeOS is a proven, best-in-class application that has never been more relevant or critical to data center and IT operations than it is today.

EdgeOS currently includes 1.2 million monitored points, 600 core to edge to extended edge data centers and 18 subsystems in 8 countries across 3 continents. Its proprietary, integrated end-to-end solution was built to operate highly distributed infrastructure solutions that tie together people, processes, and systems with the same look and feel, no matter the scale or the location.

Contact us today to learn how EdgeOS can deliver data center automation to your business.