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5 Key Obstacles to Cloud Migration

November 8, 2019

Cloud e-book coverCloud adoption is on the rise, but, along the way, organizations face some common challenges. Today’s businesses are looking for local, secure, high speed access to the vast resources of public cloud providers. However, not all deployments are alike.

In our new cloud Edgebook, Empower Your Edge: For Cloud, we examine how decision makers can avoid the typical risks and obstacles they face when evaluating hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

Avoid These Common Cloud Migration Pitfalls

It is no secret that enterprises across the world want the power of the cloud on their side. According to RightScale’s 2019 State of the Cloud survey, most enterprises – 94% to be exact – are now using the cloud for their operations. Out of this population, almost 70% of enterprises are relying on a hybrid cloud strategy featuring a mix of on-premise, private and public cloud services.

For many, the leap to a hybrid, multi-cloud solution can be daunting. Survey results show that enterprises share common concerns and reservations about their own cloud migration options including:

•  Latency
•  Security
•  Management of multiple clouds
•  Cost
•  Expertise

In our new Edgebook, we show how partnering with a provider that specializes in integrated edge cloud solutions can help enterprises overcome these challenges. Here’s how.

Reduce Cloud Latency

Reduced latency equals improved performance. By bringing cloud services close to enterprises, we can reduce the latency of their cloud applications so they can enjoy the best quality of service.

Increase Cloud Security

For improved security, enterprises look to connect to cloud services needed to bypass the public internet. With many network and cloud access solution providers across our global edge footprint, we offer customers the secure, private connectivity they need.

Create Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Often, businesses struggle to balance the different cloud needs of departments or individuals within the organization. In fact, 451 Research notes that 72% of enterprises want access to more than one CSP.

At EdgeConneX, we’ve partnered with leading network solution providers like Megaport, PacketFabric, Telia Company and CloudFoundry. That means all our enterprise customers have the power to create the multi-cloud solutions that best suit them.

Reduce Cloud Costs

Cloud spend is a huge obstacle to the establishment of a successful multi-cloud strategy. By having a cloud solution locally served, enterprises save significant capital by reducing the network transit costs incurred when connecting to a cloud hundreds of miles away.

Discover Partners with Cloud Migration Expertise

For enterprises, deep cloud expertise is critical, but not always immediately available to help plan and execute on cloud adoption and migration strategies. To help address this concern, EdgeConneX has  developed a strong ecosystem of cloud enabling partners like Rackspace and Lume, who bring years of experience in private, hybrid, and multi-cloud migrations to benefit businesses at virtually any scale. That’s peace of mind for decision makers – knowing they can get all the benefits the cloud offers without any of the downsides.

EdgeConneX Enables Enterprise Cloud Migration

Understanding the benefits of choosing to access cloud services locally is only half the battle. When pursuing this route to establish the hybrid, multi-cloud strategy of your choice, it is important to partner with a company that can address the lack of cloud expertise many enterprises face internally.

At EdgeConneX, we have the knowledge, footprint and partnerships you need to succeed. With over 40 data centers in more than 30 unique markets worldwide, we are an ideal destination for enterprises looking to interconnect with CSPs.

To learn more, download our Empower Your Edge: For Cloud eBook or email Info@edgeconnex.com.

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