EV Fleet Charging Depots

We site, build and operate EV charging depots where and when our customers need them

Empowering Fleet Operators Across the Transportation Industry


Rideshare & Taxis

With policymakers and consumers alike pushing for reduced GHG emissions, being first to market with a fleet of electric vehicles could be a game-changing competitive advantage.

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High competition for land near ports and congestion concerns from local communities make acquiring and permitting sites for EV charging particularly capital-intensive, complex, and time-consuming.

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Car Rental

As consumer interest in zero emissions vehicles continues to rise, adding EVs to the fleet is a tremendous opportunity to escape the race-to-the-bottom commoditization of rental services.

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Delivery & Distribution

It’s all about speed to customer. So for EVs to work for last mile delivery, strategically located charging depots and fast, reliable charging turnaround are essential.

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Utility, Service & Maintenance

Ensuring a successful transition to EVs without distracting from the core business is key. But minimizing vehicle downtime is a much different challenge with a fleet of electric vehicles.

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Drayage truck Drayage
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Delivery Trucks Delivery & Distribution
Utility Trucks Utility, Service & Maintenance

EV Fleet Depots from Charging-only to Full-service

EV charging solution diagram

➣ We own the sites, delivering EV charging and fleet amenities as a service, so customers avoid capital outlays and maintain a focus on their core business

➣ Our strategic partnership approach to design, development and operations and flexible engagement model give customers the agility they need in this still-evolving industry

➣ Optional amenities at full-service depots include maintenance bays, vehicle washes, driver lounges, and micro data centers

How We Empower Fleets and Communities

A portfolio of powered, proximate, and permitted sites

Enabling our customers to:
➣ Get EV fleets on the road at scale more quickly
➣ Optimize routes
➣ Maximize vehicle time in service

Well-capitalized and built for global scale

Enabling our customers to:
➣ Grow their footprints as their businesses grow
➣ Around the world
➣ With the same partner

A strategic partner with a flexible engagement model

Enabling our customers to:
➣ Simplify and speed the journey to fleet electrification at scale
➣ Be agile – essential in a still-evolving industry
➣ Eliminate charging infrastructure capex
➣ Minimize risk

Proven operational excellence over 10+ years

Enabling our customers to:
➣ Maximize vehicle utilization
➣ Minimize vehicle downtime
➣ Optimize total cost of EV ownership

Committed to the communities where we operate

Enabling communities to:
➣ Eliminate air pollution and improve citizen health
➣ Meet climate goals
➣ Support the growth of well-paying jobs
➣ Bring revenue to local contractors and associated taxes to government

Let's Talk

Contact us to learn more and discuss how we can help get your EVs on the road at scale more quickly, optimize routes, and maximize vehicle time in service.