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The Cloud is Better at the Enterprise Edge


For enterprise IT leaders, digital transformation is a prerequisite to success, and cloud is a key enabler. Yet 62% of cloud migration projects are “very difficult” or “failing.” The solution is a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at your edge – in Denver, or wherever else you need flexibility, agility, choice, and proximity.

Learn why, and how to get it, in this Interactive EdgeBook:


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Enterprise IT leaders everywhere will learn how to address key challenges achieve digital transformation by taking advantage of the many benefits of the Edge. In it you’ll learn why challenges like high latency between the edge and the core, high network transport costs, security concerns, and a lack of in-house cloud expertise stymie most enterprise transformation efforts. You’ll discover how you can overcome those challenges with a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge that gives you the flexibility, performance, support, and cost benefits you need to have a better cloud experience.

Bottom line: You don’t need to be at the core for secure, low-latency, cost-optimized access into the cloud. You can get it right from Denver – and wherever else your edge is.



“Like every enterprise IT leader I know, my #1 strategic priority is digital transformation. Cloud is an obvious necessity, and certainly we’re there with some applications, but we’ve found an enterprise-wide cloud strategy really hard to achieve. We’re stymied by performance, cost, security, and expertise challenges. This ebook explains how a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge enables enterprises to overcome those challenges. I recommend every CIO read it.”

Fortune 500 Retailer


“Every day there are powerful new use cases for edge computing. Yet taking advantage of them is increasingly difficult. It’s time for a new internet architecture that combines the best of traditional core with distributed edge. Layer in a hybrid multi-cloud strategy and the ability to leverage an ecosystem of cloud access partners, cloud providers, and IT services, and we’re able to deliver for our customers cost effectively and securely. This ebook explains how.”

SVP, IT Operations
Global Manufacturer