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The Cloud is Better at the Enterprise Edge


Overcome the Challenges of the Cloud.

For enterprise IT leaders, digital transformation is a prerequisite to success, and cloud is a key enabler. Yet, 62% of cloud migration projects are “very difficult” or “failing.”

The solution is a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the Edge. Learn why here.


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This animated EdgeBook is written for enterprise IT leaders looking to achieve digital transformation. In it, you’ll learn how a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge enables you to solve the problems of traditional cloud architecture.

A hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge enables you to deliver the kind of digital experiences that will keep you on the competitive edge. You can explore those concepts fully in our new 16-page animated EdgeBook. If you’re pressed for time, get the highlights this quick-read blog post:


Do you need a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge to achieve your digital transformation goals? Find out, based on your enterprise’s digital transformation goals, cloud maturity level, and the particular cloud challenges you face. Take the quick multiple-choice assessment:


Like every enterprise IT leader I know, my #1 strategic priority is digital transformation. Cloud is an obvious necessity; and certainly we’re there with some applications, but we’ve found an enterprise-wide cloud strategy really hard to achieve, as we’re stymied by performance, cost, security, and expertise challenges. This ebook explains how a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge enables enterprises to overcome those challenges. It should be required reading for every enterprise IT leader.

     — CIO, Fortune 500 Retailer

A hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge brings service providers, hosted private clouds, and public cloud on-ramps to your edge – connecting your on-prem data centers, offices, storefronts, plants, and all the places your employees now work. Explore it at your edge:

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Enterprise IT environments are more distributed than ever. Essential to low latency, high security, and cost efficiency in this kind of environment is your ability to get into the clouds from right within your neighborhood – wherever that might be. See how EdgeConneX makes that possible in our upcoming article.

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