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Cable Landing Stations

The next generation of submarine cable landing stations is here — and it’s at the Edge

Solutions with Optionality and Simplicity

For over 10 years, EdgeConneX has transformed the way high-demand, latency-sensitive content and business-critical applications are delivered over the network and on the cloud—moving it to the Edge, closer to the end-user than ever before.

And now, EdgeConneX again extends their innovative Edge content distribution model to where it’s needed: the Submarine Cable Landing Station category.

EdgeConneX Edge CLS—in coordination with existing and new cable deployments—enables cable owners and operators to implement the most efficient and reliable network architectures available today, including new locations, new cable-to-cable cross connects, and new streamlined business models with efficient backhaul interconnection.

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Cable Landing Station Options

Existing Shell Fit-Out
Retrofit Existing Shell
  • 4-6 months reduction in time-to-market compared to Traditional Greenfield (e.g., permitting is typically faster)
  • Provides flexibility within the shell to fully customize your own solution
Traditional GREENFIELD
New Construction
  • Most flexible for custom solutions
  • Though shell is not “modular,” opportunities exist to modularlize infrastructure components (e.g., electrical rooms)
Prefabricated & Expandable
  • Consistent product
  • Repeatable development model
  • Similar construction schedule to an existing shell fit-out
  • Lowest schedule variability
  • Removes much local variance of construction costs
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Best-in-Class Design & Infrastructure

Edge CLS facilitates agile deployment of new landing sites away from traditional, established sites. These new sites can be strategically located in relation to established cables and stations to enhance diversity and mitigate downtime.

EdgeConneX hosts a full team of in-house engineers and real estate specialists to design and deliver best-in-class infrastructure, including:

–  Facility Design
–  Power & Cooling Architecture
–  Site Layout
–  Construction
–  On-Premise Security
–  Emergency Downtime Response
–  Proprietary EdgeOS Management System


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