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How Chayora Delivers Tailored, High-density Data Centers in China 

February 13, 2024

Written By: Tina Tsui, Chayora Marketing Director

Tina Tsui HeadshotTo meet the growing demand for high computing power, data centers must embrace technological innovation and optimize their design, construction, and operations. In a second article, Chayora – our partner in China, explores the evolving data center landscape, this time in collaboration with WeChat publication,  A little knowledgeable guy. 

The article highlights how Chayora has continuously refined its data center design, construction, and operations to address the increasing demand for computing power in the era of high-performance computing (HPC) and generative AI, also known as AIGC or AI-generated content. 

Key highlights of Chayora’s innovation journey include:  

  • Beijing-Tianjin luggage tagChayora’s data center campus in Tianjin is designed to support next-generation high-density IT infrastructure requirements and tailored to enable the most demanding strategic deployments.  
  • The company can provide ample power to support high-density application scenarios, enabling various industries such as e-commerce, autonomous driving, science, medicine, manufacturing, and smart cities.  
  • To address computing power challenges, Chayora incorporates methods like pre-cooling and liquid cooling. The company is also committed to establishing a carbon-neutral data center platform in China by offering the option to use sustainable energy.  

Chayora achieves this by collaborating closely with customers to fully understand their needs. This is then used to tailor a custom solution that begins with data center design and extends to details such as supplier selection, construction, and operations.  

Customers are offered complete flexibility and transparency, along with a full set of operational data from access to performance. Moreover, a 360-degree centralized management system helps uncover and address potential issues before they develop into operational concerns. 

With a differentiated positioning and its own advantages, Chayora has quickly entered the Chinese market and found success there. Chayora can also springboard Chinese customers’ expansion into other hot Asia-Pacific markets and beyond through its global partnership with EdgeConneX.  

As the volume of data and content surges in the era of AIGC, data center construction will usher in more opportunities and challenges. Chayora will continue to push the boundaries of possibilities, develop large-scale data center parks, and lay a solid foundation for computing power as it plays its part in the development of China’s vibrant digital economy.  

Read the original article, in Mandarin HERE.

For more information on the Beijing-Tianjin Data Center Campus, please visit: https://www.edgeconnex.com/locations/asia-pacific/tianjin/  

For more information on the Greater Shanghai Data Center, please visit: https://www.edgeconnex.com/locations/asia-pacific/shanghai-data-center-campus/  

For more information on Chayora, please visit: https://chayora.com/