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EdgeConneX COVID-19 Response

March 19, 2020

Our number one concern is your safety and the safety of our employees who serve you. We have a robust business continuity plan in place that we have actively been implementing for the last few weeks.

A Message From Our CEO

Data Center Remote Monitoring

Due to the design of our data centers and EdgeOS, our proprietary DCIM, we can operate and have operated our facilities with either limited or no staffing. In addition, EdgeOS also allows your operation teams to remotely monitor your installations. Frequent updates, alerts and communications relating to COVID-19 and your installations are shared through EdgeOS directly.

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COVID Response Team

These are unprecedented times and the situation varies in each and every location we operate around the world, so we created a cross-functional COVID-19 response team that includes the CEO along with individuals from our Operations, Customer Service, Legal, HR, and other Executive teams. Please contact us if you have any Coronavirus questions or concerns.

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Employee Safety

We’ve taken a number of steps to help ensure the health and well-being of our own employees, including implementing a company-wide travel ban, a work from home policy, and other preventative measures related to hygiene and social distancing. We also have shared frequent updates from the leadership team with general recommendations for our teams around the world.



Q: Regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place to respond to interruption of data center operations?

A: We have a Business Continuity Plan that has three (3) response levels ranging from precautionary measures to full quarantine:

● Currently, we do not expect any impact on our operations
● EdgeConneX is taking preventative measures at our sites and facilities to ensure the wellness of our customers, employees, contractors, and vendors
● All sites are set up for remote or limited staff operation due to our systems, EdgeOS and security design, and as always, we have on-call support available
● Please see a message from our CEO for more information

Q: What actions has EdgeConneX taken to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among employees, contractors, vendors, and data center visitors?

A: As part of our Business Continuity Plan, we have implemented the following:

● Stay home when sick
● Suspension of non-essential travel and restrictions on any other travel, including a travel ban for high-risk regions as indicated by public health authorities
● Identification of any individuals who within the last 30 days have traveled to indicated high-risk or restricted countries
● Commenced a work from home policy for non-critical operational functions
● Comprehensive and frequent on-site cleaning of commonly touched surfaces (e.g., door handles, bio readers/keypads, etc.)
● Added signage and disinfectant in high traffic areas and touchpoints

In addition, EdgeOS also allows your operation teams to remotely monitor your installations, and receive frequent updates, alerts, and communications. As such, we kindly ask that you limit your team’s visits to the data center and that only essential personnel make those visits if necessary.

Q: Does EdgeConneX have a plan in case of a shelter-in-place lockdown impacting our facilities?

A: Since our inception, EdgeConneX has designed our data centers and created our proprietary DCIM, EdgeOS, so that we may operate our facilities with limited or no staffing

● This includes remote operations and monitoring of critical functions, customer deployment visibility, customer access, and deliveries
● EdgeOS also is the portal for operation teams to receive COVID-19-related updates, alerts, and communications
● EdgeConneX is registered under the “Critical Infrastructure Sector”, allowing us to continue to operate our facilities with personnel on-site, as required
● Accelerated critical site maintenance and filled fuel tanks at all sites

Q: Do you have any impacts on Remote Hands Services?

A: There are no current impacts to EdgeConneX Remote Hands. However, we anticipate impacts relating to “time to respond” and as such we ask customers only to submit critical time-sensitive requests. Please continue submitting tickets via EdgeOS. All deliveries can be accepted remotely via our automated data center, EdgeOS and NOC systems

Q: Will you notify customers if an employee, contractor, vendor, or data center visitor has tested positive or is awaiting test results for COVID-19?

A: Following mandated privacy or legal regulations, EdgeConneX will advise of any possible exposures in our workplaces or sites, including notice to appropriate local health officials.

Q: As a customer, how can we help with preventing the spread of COVID-19?  

A: Please limit access to our facilities to only essential/critical visitors. In addition:

● Do NOT visit our facilities if you are feeling sick or have come in close contact with someone who either has tested positive or is awaiting test results for COVID-19, or who has traveled to high-risk or restricted regions within the past 14 days
● Please follow the safety protocols recommended by the CDC (e.g., wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, social distancing, not shaking hands, etc.)
● Please follow and utilize the sanitation areas located through-out our facilities

Please notify EdgeConneX immediately if you are aware of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been in contact with our personnel or facilities.






“Through these challenging times, the continued success of your business and the safety of our respective teams is our primary focus. I wish you, your teams, and your families safety and health as we work together through this crisis.”

Randy Brouckman, CEO