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Adani Group and EdgeConneX: A New Joint Venture To Empower A Digital India

February 23, 2021

EdgeConneX and Adani Group form AdaniConneX, a Joint Venture Created to Provide Green Data Center Solutions to Both Large Scale Cloud, Content, Network Service Providers and Enterprises Across India

acx logoWith the announcement of our new joint venture with Adani Group, we want to walk through the catalysts that triggered this combination of two powerful, global companies aligned with a shared focus on a critical market serving over a billion people and a fast-growing GDP with a CAGR of 9.5% over the past 20 years.

According to 451 Research, the Indian datacenter market is currently witnessing aggressive growth due to increased interest from both local and international enterprises and service providers. To some extent, this growth is fueled by data sovereignty laws and a number of government-backed initiatives and incentives in addition to customer demand.

However, with the lack of adequate quality capacity to support these future needs, there’s a growing demand for a reliable, scalable and sustainable data center platform to better serve all of India.

Partnering to Empower a Digital India

India luggage tag graphicSetting the stage with those market dynamics in mind, EdgeConneX has formed a joint venture with Adani Group.  Adani is an India-based, integrated business conglomerate managing a world-class portfolio of transport and utility infrastructure with major offices in India, Indonesia, and Australia, and a market capitalization of $60 billion with annual revenue of $13+ billion.

The collaboration will leverage Adani’s expertise in full-stack energy management, renewable power, real estate development and management, as well as vast experience building large infrastructure projects throughout India.

“By forming a joint venture with Adani, we have an ideal partner in India,” maintains Randy Brouckman, CEO at EdgeConneX. “They possess the necessary capabilities and unique expertise required to build out critical digital infrastructure that can best support our customers across the entire country. We look forward to investing in the digital economy of India and meeting our customers’ needs throughout the region in collaboration with Adani.”

At the same time, EdgeConnex is bringing all of its vast data center experience to the Indian market, having pioneered the Edge and has become a leading global data center operator having built nearly 50 facilities ranging from hyperlocal to hyperscale in over 30+ markets worldwide over the past decade.  The two companies are a perfect complement to each other and can leverage each other’s respective strengths and expertise in order to best serve customers that need data center solutions in India.

As Gautam Adani, the Chairman of Adani Group states, “EdgeConneX brings a wealth of experience building out the finest data centers around the world. Their industry standing, knowledge, innovative technology, processes and broad product portfolio will allow us to rapidly build out both hyperscale data center campuses in major markets as well edge facilities in secondary markets throughout India.”

AdaniConneX Vision & Mission for India

Map of IndiaThe initial vision for the joint venture will be a focus on building a platform of Hyperscale Data Centers in India, starting with Chennai, Navi Mumbai, Noida-Delhi, Vizag, and Hyderabad markets. Although the JV has just been announced, development and construction at these sites is already well under way with the first facility in Chennai set to be ready for service next year.

In addition, the partnership will look to develop a portfolio of Edge Data centers throughout India to support the need for more proximate capacity necessary to support providers and companies outside traditional core markets.

In combination, the joint venture’s facilities will empower local enterprises in India with greater reach and access to customers and to cloud services while also bringing more powerful, global cloud providers closer to a large, fast-growing market that is presently underserved and ready to play a larger business role around the globe.

Key to the vision and success of the new JV, this PAN-Indian platform of data centers will be powered by sustainable and renewable energy as carbon-neutral infrastructure is a key mission for both companies.

This is the beginning of a bold new initiative, driven by demand and by a commitment to green, sustainable solutions that respect the people and the places where these new data centers will be developed. Both EdgeConneX and Adani have made sustainability a cornerstone of this joint venture and will use their combined and, in some cases, complementary strengths to realize this vision in the service of India’s business and consumer audiences.

We will be providing updates and reporting on the progress of the joint venture in future blog posts. For now, we are excited to announce this new venture and newest Edge destination in our global portfolio.

As we extend our footprint to Asia, we are looking forward to bringing new services, capacity, connectivity, power, and proximity to businesses in one of the fastest growing markets anywhere in the world. Check back often to follow the progress of this powerful new joint venture and contact EdgeConneX if you would like to learn more about our newest Edge destination.