The EdgeConneX Edge Data Center model enables new opportunities for in-market interconnection that offer a substantial performance improvement over the traditional centralized interconnection model”.
–Noam Freedman, Vice President & Chief Network Architect at Akamai Technologies

Content Providers

Any Content.

The Internet is growing at an exponential rate, and networks are being stretched unnaturally to keep up with the expansion. The problem is that fiber is a fixed asset and costly to expand, but content behavior is the opposite. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for content, and the reality is that we’re going to continue to experience aggressive expansion, especially with the rapid adoption of OTT services, video and the explosion of content-enabled devices.

The question then becomes how does an exponentially growing medium rely on a fixed-fiber asset to reach end users, while retaining the high-quality attributes that contributed to its growth in the first place? The answer is the network architecture itself.

If you crave faster content delivery, EdgeConneX is the solution you’ve been looking for. With our Edge services, we optimize the network to respond to digital content growth in ways that no one else has. The problem is not the infrastructure itself, but how it’s being used to keep up with trends that couldn’t possibly have been predicted by its framers. We partner with network and cable operators that serve local users to place content where it should be: as close to the end user as possible.


Costs are lowered for all involved by eliminating many network and equipment requirements

Efficient routing of digital content reduces many complexities of long-haul networks

Provides a simplified business model with an innovative pricing structure

Content is delivered faster and more reliably than ever before, providing end users with the most superior content experience they've ever had

Surging content demand is addressed without compromising end-user expectations of quality and speed

Local strategies can be implemented that bring content-heavy data centers to markets that were once overlooked, but now require as much focus today as any market in the United States

A consistent end-user experience with a single point of escalation is created.