Success Stories

Greg Newman, VP Marketing, Zadara“In the services world we know that our ability to deliver on our promises successfully is contingent on the quality of our partners. Zadara actively seeks to work with partners that align with our vision and values and EdgeConneX fits with these goals perfectly. We share with EdgeConneX a common goal to be available where our customers want to be; this speaks well to the pairing and ensures a continued successful partnership going forward.”

– Greg Newman, Vice President of Marketing for Zadara

Zadara: Company Background and Data Center Needs

We are generating data at an unfathomable and increasing rate: estimations are that by 2020 there will be 1.7MB of data created every second for every person on earth. With this tremendous amount of data, comes the need to securely and seamlessly store that data. With the right data storage solution, organizations can reduce the cost and complexity traditionally associated with data storage. Zadara helps carriers, service providers and enterprises transform their businesses with fully-managed, consumption-based enterprise storage. Leveraging industry-standard hardware and its patented software, Zadara offers leading organizations around the globe next-generation software-defined enterprise storage and management built to peer and migrate data efficiently and effectively.

Speed, Security, Scalability Made Possible with EdgeConneX

Zadara’s award-winning services offer clients the flexibility to deploy storage at their chosen cloud provider, all bundled into a fully-managed, pay-only-for-what-you-use service. Proximity to the cloud is key and Zadara offers flexibility with storage-as-a-service options on a customer’s premises, at their colocation facility, or in the public cloud. To deliver all of this seamlessly to its clients, Zadara colocates its storage platform in high-quality data centers that can meet its requirements for low latency and secure on-ramps to multiple cloud platforms. Zadara storage can connect to all major cloud providers simultaneously, giving organizations complete flexibility and control of their storage environment and providing them the ability to run applications in the cloud.

To meet increasing customer demand in the western United States, Zadara chose the EdgeConneX Portland (POR01) facility, which offers low latency connections to a variety of cloud platforms, including a native on-ramp to Amazon Web Services. Zadara considered its decision to go with EdgeConneX carefully, to ensure that the way Zadara models its networks could meet its customer delivery model.

“One of main reasons Zadara chose EdgeConneX was proximity to other data centers in the area and the robust interconnection to those data centers,” commented Greg Newman, vice president of marketing for Zadara. “Customers don’t need to pay for expensive storage solutions – they can connect to Zadara’s secure cloud architecture and implement on-demand storage with high availability features that you can’t get from other providers. As an EdgeConneX customer, Zadara is part of a larger ecosystem and looks forward to expanding and working closely with other EdgeConneX customers as we grow.”

Zadara transforms storage-related costs from a variable mix of equipment and management expenses to a predictable, on-demand, pay-per-use, elastic service that greatly simplifies planning, streamlines budgeting, and improves return on investment (ROI).

Vladimir Popovski, VP Cloud & Operations Support, Zadara

“We are extremely pleased with the EdgeConneX management and infrastructure team. They are very responsive and have been a pleasure to work with over the years. We know from experience that not all data center providers are alike and fully appreciate the EdgeConneX team’s flexibility and drive to respond to our specific requirements and timelines. Zadara is very satisfied and has plans underway to grow our installation base and branch into other EdgeConneX markets and further tap into its robust ecosystem.”

– Vladimir Popovski, Vice President, Cloud Operations & Support

“Zadara recognized that storage-as-a-service models weren’t offering enough of the ‘service’ aspect. Enterprise storage is complex, and we understand that clients need more help to ensure it is done right, and extremely reliably,” commented Newman. “With that in mind, we designed our managed storage platform from the ground up to provide a single-tenant experience, with multi-tenant efficiency. And we offer more than just technical performance; 24×7 support for our customers is a standard part of our offering. We are truly pioneers of the complete storage-as-a-service solution. In as much the same fashion, EdgeConneX is a pioneer in edge data centers and both of our companies honed our models after real-world interaction with what our respective customers want. Our similar approaches are to be everywhere our customers need to be.”

Connect Your Edge

With over 40 network service providers connecting through EdgeConneX data centers worldwide, including MSOs, NSPs, ISPs, dark fiber providers, mobile providers, cloud on-ramps, Internet Exchanges and more, EdgeConneX helps you peer with your partners and bring your offerings to the Edge so you are well connected with your customers.