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EdgeConneX and Enterprise Strategy Group Release Solution Showcase Demonstrating Security Benefits of the Network Edge

‘Cybersecurity at the Edge of the Internet’ Explores Redundant Deployments at the Edge as a Means to Mitigate Security Threats

Herndon, VA – August 1, 2017EdgeConneX®, specializing in global data center solutions at the edge of the network, today announces the availability of a new Solution Showcase titled, “Cybersecurity at the Edge of the Internet,” developed by IT research and analyst firm, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).  The report describes the need for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to have redundant deployments at the network edge to mitigate growing security threats.

“Given its capabilities, EdgeConneX continues to gain traction with service providers and CDNs globally,” notes Jack Poller, ESG analyst and author of the Solution Showcase.  “Architects seeking the ability to leverage redundancy for enhanced cybersecurity would be well served to assess how EdgeConneX can help.  In addition, companies deploying at the network Edge need to ensure that they have requisite power capacity, system density, and connectivity to store and distribute content to local ISPs throughout a metro area.”

As noted in the report, “Globally, almost three-quarters (73%) of organizations suffered a DDoS attack, and 85% of attacked organizations reported multiple assaults.” Redundancy serves as a key component to ensure the availability of mission-critical services and alleviates the risk of cyberattacks for CDNs and service providers at the Edge.  EdgeConneX continues to experience tremendous success in executing effective security strategies with top content, cloud and Internet security companies by facilitating the most secure and lowest latency delivery of their data across their distributed platform of Edge Data Centers® (EDCs).

“Both DDoS Mitigation and Application Security are best served from the Edge of the Internet, closest to where attackers are located,” says Daniel Shugrue, Director of Security Product Marketing, Akamai.  “Leveraging a strong partnership with EdgeConneX, Akamai is deployed ‘one hop’ away from the end users in 16 metro areas.  The Edge Data Centers provide the redundancy and proximity needed for superior threat protection.”

ESG also notes that the volume of attacks, the complexity of application protection and the growing but unmet need for cybersecurity specialists are raising the level of vulnerability across the IT landscape.  A fundamental way to mitigate security risks is to deploy data within standard environments across multiple geographies and process potential threats closer to the end user.

“At EdgeConneX, it is part of our mission to provide customers with advanced protection against DDoS and other cyberattacks,” states Clint Heiden, chief commercial officer, EdgeConneX.  “The results found within this recent study further validate our ability to help customers achieve a high level of security utilizing deployments within our facilities at the Edge of the network.”

EdgeConneX specializes in providing purpose-built, power dense Edge Data Center (EDC)® solutions that enable the fastest delivery of data to end-users.  EdgeConneX has created a new Edge of the Internet by designing and deploying facilities that are strategically positioned nearest to network provider aggregation points, ensuring the lowest latency data delivery with improved security and quality of service.

For more information about EdgeConneX and its leading edge of network infrastructure solutions, visit edgeconnex.com or email info@edgeconnex.com.

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About EdgeConneX®
EdgeConneX® is a global data center provider specializing in infrastructure solutions at the edge of the network.  They provide space, power and connectivity for content, network, cloud, colocation, CDNs and service providers, as well as wireless carriers, telecommunications companies, and commercial property owners.  EdgeConneX has created a new Edge for traditional networks, offering superior performance and economics.  Their purpose-built Meet You Points® optimize delivery of data at network-critical locations closest to the end-user. For more information, please visit the EdgeConneX Internet of Everywhere at edgeconnex.com.

About ESG
Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) is an integrated IT research, analysis, and strategy firm that is world-renowned for providing actionable insight and intelligence to the global IT community.  Recognized for its unique blend of capabilities — including market research, hands-on technical product validation, and expert consulting methodologies such as the ESG Strategy Lifecycle — ESG is relied upon by IT professionals, technology vendors, investors, and the media to clarify the complex.  For more information visit: www.esg-global.com.