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EdgeConneX: Cultivating Community and Stewardship  

May 7, 2024

In the spirit of environmental stewardship and community engagement, the EdgeConneX team came together to give back to our planet throughout April, a month renowned for celebrating Earth’s natural beauty and fostering awareness about its preservation. With events spanning both coasts, our dedicated employees showcased their commitment to being good stewards of the environment through active participation in local cleanup and conservation efforts. 

A United Effort in Herndon 

Our NetGenX (NGX) team rallied in Herndon, VA, to conduct a trash pickup on their adopted highway. This initiative was to help beautify the local area and underscore our collective responsibility toward maintaining clean and healthy environments in our communities. NGX is an EdgeConneX Employee Resource Group that supports and nurtures young professionals in the data center industry.

The Adopt a Highway program supports NGX’s mission to create a community where individuals can learn from one another and feel an increased sense of belonging; this inspiring crew will clean up this portion of the road through follow-up workdays throughout the year.

Joining Forces in the Bay Area 

The spirit of collaboration also extended to the West Coast, where our Bay Area crew, alongside local data center community members, converged at the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy. This nonprofit organization plays a pivotal role in the care and preservation of the Guadalupe River and its surrounding ecosystems, which meander through the heart of downtown San Jose. 

Our volunteers dedicated their efforts to the conservancy’s historic orchard, a testament to the Santa Clara Valley’s rich agricultural heritage before the dawn of Silicon Valley. Once a powerhouse in fruit production, this region has been partially revitalized by the Conservancy’s goal to recreate its former glory. The area now has pears, pluots, and other fruit trees, symbolizing the valley’s fruitful past. 

Our enthusiastic team assembled at the orchard on a crisp Monday morning, ready to tackle the day’s challenges. Dividing tasks, the group set out with two main goals: transporting mulch to nourish the growing trees and eradicating invasive weeds, particularly the tenacious thistle, to ensure the unchecked growth of the tender saplings. 

Armed with sturdy gloves and buoyed by a collective sense of purpose, the team worked diligently, spreading mulch and clearing weeds under the sunny sky. Hours later, the fruits of their labor were evident—not only in the physical transformation of the orchard but also in the strengthened bonds among our team and community members. 

A massive thank you to those organizations who participated, including Listo Digital, Colliers, Pacific Ridge Builders, and Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency, and to Nomad Futurist for all the excellent promotion. Your support was much appreciated! 

Reflecting on Our Journey 

The success of our bi-coastal environmental efforts served as a powerful reminder of the ease and impact of collective action. A single call to action mobilized a group of individuals passionate about making a difference, demonstrating that every community can benefit from such dedication and support, no matter how small or distant. 

At EdgeConneX, we believe in the power of community engagement and environmental stewardship. Our work in Herndon and the Bay Area is just the beginning. We’re inspired to continue these efforts, fostering the growth of trees, the flourishing of communities, and cultivating a greener, more sustainable world. 

Our team is committed to making this vision a reality—one tree, one neighborhood at a time.