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Toronto Data Center

Empower Your Edge in Toronto, ON

The Toronto EdgeConneX Edge Data Center® (EDC) is a purpose-built, Tier 3 designed facility with superior operational reliability to support cloud, content, network and enterprise customers. It is precisely located in order to provide a secure colocation facility for customers desiring to deliver content and applications to local-market consumers with the lowest possible latency.

Partnering with network and cable operators at the local level, our carrier neutral facility guarantees the shortest and fastest routes for delivering content and cloud applications to local market subscribers (consumer and enterprise) and Internet customers.

For more information on this growing market, please read Toronto: An Impressive Global Connectivity and Business Hub.

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Our Toronto Data Center At a Glance

Facts and figures you need to know about our TOR-01

Size 37,815 sq ft facility
30 km from Toronto Pearson International Airport
Within 20 km from downtown TOR
30 inch raised/under floor forced air plenum


  • Space

    • 37,815 sq ft facility
    • 18,000 sq ft of existing raised floor for tenant racks
    • Within 20 km from downtown TOR
    • 30 km from Toronto Pearson International Airport
    • Customer work space available
    • Space available for secure customer storage
    • WiFi network access and cell phone repeaters/boosters throughout the facility
  • Power

    • Concurrently maintainable power in a minimum of an N+1 configuration to include:
      • PDU
      • UPS
      • Generators
    • Capable of 20+kW per cabinet
    • Capable of 600+ watts per sq ft
    • Ghost space not required for cooling power dense installations•Real-time branch circuit monitoring
  • Cooling

    • Temperature and humidity monitored, controlled and managed to industry standards
    • 30 inch raised/under floor forced air plenum
    • N+1 CRACs located in separate suites, maximizing customer-designated areas
  • Security

    • Multi-stage security containment systems that use PIN and live video authentication
    • Mantraps and strictly enforced protocols regarding entry access
    • 24/7 Color CCTV/video surveillance and >90-day online video storage
    • Interior managed security zones
    • National network operations center for security management
    • 24/7 NOC services
  • Network

    • Building POEs are diverse, with a variety of fiber conduits to physically diverse MMR’s
    • Beanfield, Bell Canada, Cogeco, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, Zayo
    • Interconnection services available
  • Fire Suppression

    • Pre-action, zoned dry-pipe sprinkler systems with zoned maintenance aisles and separate suites
  • Optional Services

    • Remote hands services for break fixes, configuration and troubleshooting
    • EdgeConneX Services: design, build, implement and maintain your equipment infrastructure
    • SOC 2 Type 2, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 compliant
    • PCI-DSS compliance logo SOC compliance logo ISO 27001 compliance logo
  • EdgeOS

    EdgeOS, our next generation data center operating system provides real-time visibility, including ticketing and SLA management for all EDC locations

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Learn More About Our Toronto Data Center

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