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EdgeConneX in the News: Capacity – The Big Interview with CEO Randy Brouckman

A new level for the edge

Private equity has long been a driver of consolidation among edge computing technology vendors, and all roads led to 2019 being labelled the year of the edge. Then in August, in a monumental shift, EQT Infrastructure acquired EdgeConneX. Abigail Opiah reports:

An excerpt from Capacity Magazine:

Capacity Magazine clip imageWhat EdgeConneX is planning to do with EQT as its backer is expand many of its edge markets to become core campus markets. The company also plans to enter new markets via edge deployments, as well as a couple of new markets that will start as hyperscale opportunities.

[EdgeConneX CEO Randy Brouckman tells Capacity:] “You’ll see us much more active on the M&A front — nearly all of the growth that EdgeConneX has had over its history has been organic, and we will continue to lead with organic growth, but we’ll be better positioned where it makes sense to do those strategic acquisitions,” he reveals.

“Our core differentiator has always been bringing the data centre to where our customer’s customer needs it — proximity to capacity, connectivity, and power. That is a fundamental change in the data centre model that we have pioneered — it is what allows the edge to happen.

“We put the data centre where the content and the broadband networks need it to be — close to aggregations points in those markets. That location sensitivity applies not just at the edge, but also at the core. Many elements of the core, cloud availability zones, for example, have latency and distance sensitivities, and that is what we do well,” he adds.

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