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Living on the Edge: How Hybrid Multi-Cloud Solutions are Changing the Enterprise

June 29, 2021

Below is an excerpt from an article by our CMO, Phillip Marangella, published on The Fast Mode. To read the full article, click here.

Where does your enterprise stand in the digital transformation process? Every enterprise, every industry, every migration is unique, but they all rely on a solid cloud strategy focused on the needs of the business, the appetite for risk, and a trust in the benefits of cloud migration. And yet, it’s also true that one constant in every case is that effective digital transformation presents a number of common challenges.

Today, transformation typically requires a hybrid multi-cloud strategy (HMC) with a mix of private and public cloud deployments delivering the best in services, security, and reliability, protecting against downtime, data loss, and unnecessary expense. Fold in some SaaS and PaaS solutions and you start to get a sense for how complex it can be to manage and optimize an HMC solution.

According to the Flexera ‘State of the Cloud’ report, 92% of enterprises surveyed are adopting a multicloud strategy, and 82% of those companies are also relying on a hybrid approach.

The benefits to your business of cloud migration are very real, including scalability, feature selection, off-loading capital expenditures, global reach, and more. However, realizing those benefits requires planning, preparation, and execution. That’s one reason why 60% of enterprises surveyed report ‘failing’ or ‘very difficult’ cloud migration projects.

So, what challenges are enterprises most likely to face throughout the digital transformation process? Fortunately, we can look to the experience of businesses that have documented the areas that enterprises need to prepare for. Let’s look at some crucial issues that are consistently at or near the top of the list for 70-90% of enterprises:

• Performance

• Cost

• Security

• Expertise

The good news is, the edge can help any enterprise overcome these challenges.


Originally published June 9, 2021. Read the full article and see how the edge helps enterprises deploy Hybrid Multicloud solutions at The Fast Mode