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Inspiring the Next Generation of Data Center Talent  

March 22, 2023

With a focus on the future, EdgeConneX celebrates International Data Center Day’23 and supports the global call to action to educate and encourage others to consider careers in the fast-paced data center industry. Our team knows the industry can collectively achieve this by raising awareness, educating young people, and sharing the wide-ranging opportunities available in this critical sector.   

Developing Future Data Center Leaders  

EdgeConneX has multiple programs to train people for roles within the data center sector, including the Historically Black College/University Capstone Program and partnerships with several Veteran organizations. In addition, our employee resource groups, including WomenConneX, drive industry awareness and collaboration to attract females and young people into our industry.  

EdgeConneX believes International Data Center Day is also the perfect opportunity to thank our #DataCenterHeroes, who work on the many operational, engineering, and construction teams to ensure our data centers are always on and running with precision and do so sustainably.    

Take a look at our International Data Center Day’23 video featuring some of the best and brightest in the industry. Here’s a huge thanks to the entire EdgeConneX team for their hard work, passion for excellence, and dedication to serving our customers.  

Check out additional videos featuring more members of the EdgeConneX team: https://www.edgeconnex.com/company/edgetv/ 

The data center industry is essential to our connected world. If you are looking for an exciting role at a data center industry leader, please take a look at the EdgeConneX careers page HERE.