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Promoting and advocating for women in the technology industry

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An Employee Resource Group of EdgeConneX with the mission to close the gender gap across our industry, help women everywhere embrace data center infrastructure with the hope to influence more women to join EdgeConneX.  The group is passionate about uniting women within EdgeConneX also, by way of meeting regularly, running virtual activities, supporting women/girls led charities and speaking at industry events on business and diversity topics.


Our vision is to raise awareness across our industry with the strategic goal of true gender diversity. We believe this will bring innovation which will fuel better business, build stronger relationships and increases profitability. WomenConneX encourages our members to act ethically, honestly and courageously.

Meet the Team Members

Angela Capon, Marketing


Ashley Laporte, Human Resources
Allison Green, Executive Administration


Loren Dauberman, Marketing
Krystyna Witt, Solutions Architect


Laura Reyes, Executive Administration

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