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EdgeConneX Salutes 2022: Kimberly Scimone

November 17, 2022

What is EdgeConneX Salutes 2022?

EdgeConneX, in partnership with Salute Mission Critical, helps veterans obtain the skills needed to be placed in key roles within the data center industry. Salute’s veterans deliver the same discipline and integrity to serving our data center customers as they once brought to serving their respective countries.  As part of continuing our mission of recognizing veterans, EdgeConneX is proud to share EdgeConneX Salutes 2022, where we will honor EdgeConneX and Salute Mission Critical Veterans. We look forward to sharing their stories and celebrating their service and dedication.


Kimberly Scimone, Account Manager at EdgeConneX and an Air Force veteran, was interviewed to learn more about her military background and her experience in transitioning into a civilian role within the data center industry. Kimberly also shared what Customer, People, Planet means to her.

Check out Kimberly’s Top Tips for veterans in her video chat with Lee Kirby, Chairman and Co-founder of Salute Mission Critical HERE.

What are your job responsibilities now?

I am an Account Manager with key responsibilities supporting customers globally and ensuring they are satisfied, with the main focus being the renewal of contracts with EdgeConneX. I also assist customers in accessing the EdgeConneX portal and with any site issues or questions.

What geo are you in now?

I represent the Denver, Colorado area.

Tell me about your background/why did you enter the military?

I have family that served in the military, including my older sister, who was in the Army. I love to travel and the Air Force gave me the opportunity to travel while serving my country. It also gave me a path to education and a future career.

What was your role/responsibility in the military?

I was in the Air Force for 6 years. I signed up as an IT technician ( fixing people’s computers, hardware and software installments, etc.). I started in the hospital/orderly room, where my role was to make sure the newcomers were getting their proper paperwork and files were updated – a personnel type of position. I then moved into the communications squadron performing help desk duties. I really enjoyed this position.

When I was out of the military, I started in a service desk job assisting customers in setting up their hardware and software equipment remotely (onsite and offsite). Through this job, I was able to build relationships while helping people solve issues.

Originally, I pursued IT security, but moved to Denver from Texas and started in behavioral therapy for Autistic children. That is about the time when Salute contacted me and I immediately fell in love with working in the data center industry. I became an Area Manager with Salute and also supported the human resources department. I learned about an opportunity with EdgeConneX and knew I wanted to apply.

Tell us a story from your military service. What did you learn from that experience?

Being in the military you learn a lot from your experience. You’re serving your country and working together which translates to: Service Before Self.

How did the military prepare you for the job/role/career you are in now?

The military taught me how to communicate with different types and kinds of people. I learned how to be professional, listen and have strong attention to detail. I was also able to gain valuable experience in training for my current role.

What would you like to tell others that are thinking about a career in the data center industry?

When I was working in human resources and reaching out to veterans, a lot of them didn’t realize that their skills were transferable. Salute helps open their eyes to these new opportunities. The data center industry is rewarding and exciting. There are many paths – whether you want to be hands-on or a manager, leading others. Being a part of Salute’s team gave me an amazing experience of being able to watch other people grow too.

Top Tips for others making the same type of transition? I wish I had known…

The transition from military life can be different and  a bit overwhelming for some. My tip is to take it day by day. Take your training seriously, listen, and reach out to others if you don’t know something – no one wants you to fail. And, stay focused on your success!

Explain the transition from the military to working at EdgeConneX.

I was able to transition from the Air Force to Salute and then to EdgeConneX fairly easily due to my experience and the extended support available to me.

What does EdgeConneX culture of Customers, People, Planet mean to you?

EdgeConneX cares about the environment, the future and the next generation. It is so inspiring and makes you want to do better. Being a part of a company that is focused on that is truly amazing.

What are your hobbies/interests?

I moved back to Colorado because I love being in the mountains and hiking. It’s beautiful! I also enjoy reading and cooking.

How can our readers follow you online?

Readers can follow me on LinkedIn.

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If you are a veteran or military spouse looking for an exciting career in a growing industry, please contact Salute Mission Critical. The team can help train and put you on the path to success.