We’ve begun the move to digital business, including rich content via mobile devices, where people, their devices and even unattended ‘things’ become actors in transactions. To optimize the experience, Gartner believes the topology of networked data centers will push over the next five years from a centralized, mega data center approach, to one augmented by multiple, smaller, distributed sources and sinks of content and information, whether located in distributed, enterprise-owned data centers, hosting providers, colocation or the cloud”.
–Bob Gill, Research Director, Gartner

Proximity Matters

Your cloud.

Innovation is at the heart of infrastructure design and implementation of localizing content, cloud and applications at the edge of the network.  This new distribution model is made possible through our expansive network of Edge Data Centers® that are precisely located near end-users across the globe.  As the cloud proliferates, so to must the infrastructure that supports the delivery of it and EdgeConneX is committed to being the preferred provider.  Our infrastructure facilitates the fastest, most reliable and most secure access to content, cloud and applications for both consumer and enterprise end users.

EdgeConneX is trusted by the world’s leading and most influential technology companies to deliver their data via our EdgeConneX Internet of Everywhere®.

This includes our highly diverse and distributed architecture extending the Internet beyond its traditional peering hubs.  As the leader in Edge of Network infrastructure, we heavily invested in the architecture needed to empower innovation from the World’s leading technology firms.  We knew that issues surrounding security and user experience were paramount to success – issues that the Edge solves.  By working with leading network providers to over 75 million consumers and enterprises we’ve created an entirely new opportunity for technology companies to deliver service and create revenue. Our EdgeConneX Internet of Everywhere ecosystem grows daily, providing more localized services to keep pace with innovation and enterprise demand. The Internet of Things (IoT) cannot be realized without an infrastructure partner – EdgeConneX is the Edge Data Center partner for all IoT companies.

Our ability to solve complex and capital intensive problems creates a model that empowers IoT and cloud companies on a global basis.  EdgeConneX allows innovation to move beyond previously imposed geographic boundaries and with a never before achieved secure and highly reliable portfolio.

The new expectation is instant and secure access to content whether it’s on your desktop or in the cloud. These demanding expectations are made possible through EdgeConneX and our partners for any consumer or enterprise globally.

As new generations continue to have an insatiable appetite for content and immediacy, EdgeConneX will keep pace with the growth of our EdgeConneX Internet of Everywhere.