The Edge: Delivering the Quality of Experience of Digital Content

Edge co-location services bring content closer to the consumer, introducing solutions that circumvent the distance, capacity constraints, multiple network hops, and centralized processing load that exist in the traditional Internet architecture . EdgeConneX and Conviva have been measuring the impact of these co-location solutions on the quality of experience delivered to viewers.

Conviva found a 12-20% improvement in the time video spent rebuffering when a content provider was “localized” in an EdgeConneX facility and directly linked to the ISP. This in turn results in significant increases in viewer engagement and customer satisfaction.

In this white paper we identify the challenges of using existing Internet infrastructure to deliver video content at scale; report the impact of adding a local co-location element to an ISP service; and make recommendations for content publishers seeking to attract and retain viewers by provisioning a superior viewer experience.

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