The Edge: Delivering the Quality of Experience of Digital Content

In the 2016 study, we find an average performance improvement of 25% as a result of localizing content at the metro edge across eight metro areas in the United States. The study measured aggregated QoE metrics — in particular re-buffering ratio — for the top three publishers with VOD traffic in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Denver, Atlanta, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle metro areas before and after the deployment of the EdgeConneX solution. In addition, we calculated THE EDGE: DELIVERING THE QUALITY OF EXPERIENCE OF DIGITAL CONTENT 3 the difference in performance for EdgeConneX versus other competing architectures. In this 2016 edition of the whitepaper, we continue to identify the challenges of using existing Internet infrastructure, quantify the impact of adding a local co-location element to the ISP service, and make recommendations for OTT broadcasters and digital video publishers seeking to deliver superior viewer experience.

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