Electric Lightwave and EdgeConneX Partner to Improve Cloud Security and Performance

Businesses and consumers alike are accessing content and the cloud like never before. In fact, the rates of content creation and consumption are growing exponentially. As an example, it’s estimated that in the next 5 years we will move from 1.8B connected individuals with 4B connected devices to upwards of 9B individuals with 75B devices. However, the Internet and supporting infrastructure has not kept pace leading to a predicted drop in user satisfaction and thus slowing adoption of new technologies, which help drive enterprise revenue and efficiency. The cloud, social media, online gaming, healthcare and enterprises in general need a solution for this problem so they can utilize technology to its fullest potential and drive efficiency improvements that increase profit, revenue and customer loyalty. The answer is the combination of a resilient, high capacity fiber infrastructure and a localized data center platform.

This Case Study explains how Electric Lightwave’s reliable, low latency fiber network offers high-bandwidth connectivity to EdgeConneX Edge Data Centers across the Western U.S., and the resulting improvement of content delivery.

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