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At EdgeConneX we have taken the view that it’s not enough just to know what we do, but also what the industry is doing and why – what are others saying and what are end-users demanding? Edge Insights offers: clear views of industry trends and issues from independent world-renowned bloggers and industry leaders; the latest news from a vast array of leading media organizations; links to social media and its unlimited base of opinions and commentary from end-users; and detailed case studies covering each of our edge services. We believe that this forum will provide a convenient and important source of information that you will find useful on an ongoing basis to stay current on a wide range of technologies, trends, companies and end-user requirements. As this material is intended to keep you abreast of the latest news, we welcome your comments on how to improve it.

White Papers and Case Studies

Cloud, Content, Connectivity and the Evolving Internet Edge

The Internet is always evolving to address changing applications, user habits, and, of course, the insatiable desire for more and more data. Unlike past evolutions of Internet architecture, however, the most recent trends will change not only what is delivered, but from where.


Cybersecurity at the Edge of the Internet

Cloud and content providers distributing data across Internet face a growing threat landscape. Recent escalations in DDoS attacks have corralled an army of Internet-connected devices to generate aggregate bandwidth of 1 Tbps, and have taken down major Internet sites...


Making the Case for Edge Data Centers®

This white paper examines the latest trends in the broadband and video space and examines their implications for cable operators...


The Edge: Delivering the Quality of Experience of Digital Content

In the 2016 study, we find an average performance improvement of 25% as a result of localizing content at the metro edge across eight metro areas in the United States.


Electric Lightwave and EdgeConneX Partner to Improve Cloud Security and Performance

Businesses and consumers alike are accessing content and the cloud like never before. In fact, the rates of content creation and...


Defining the Impact of the Edge Using the The SamKnows Internet Measurement Platform

SamKnows has performed an independent study of measurement data published by the FCC to ascertain the real world benefits of an ISP connecting to content providers at an EdgeConneX location.


The Edge: Delivering the Quality of Experience of Digital Content

The EdgeConneX-enabled ISP delivered a superior viewing experience to its customers and provided better partnership opportunities with publishers than its competitor.


The Value of Content at the Edge

The way we use the Internet has changed, and the result has been exploding traffic growth that is projected to...


Will Video Kill the Internet?

EdgeConneX’s latest white paper, Will Video Kill the Internet?, examines the world’s insatiable demand for video and content via the...


Will New Mobile OS Features Hurt Network Performance?

New generation of mobile devices will exponentially increase data usage and challenge traditional network architectures.


In Our Space

Stay ahead of the curve and realize new possibilities. At Edge Insights, we have collected some of the most forward-thinking and thought-provoking content from players at the forefront of our industry. 

  • Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2015-2020

    The Cisco® Global Cloud Index (GCI) is an ongoing effort to forecast the growth of global data center and cloud-based IP traffic. The forecast includes trends associated with data center virtualization and cloud computing. This document presents the details of the study and the methodology behind it.  Read More

  • The Future of the Internet

    The future of the Internet is a widely debated public policy theme all over the world. Questions are raised on how to preserve the public “best-effort” Internet as an “open” platform for innovation and competition, and how to combine economic- & societal value creation and sustainable returns on investment.  Read More

  • Internet of Things Tectonics

    The global market for the Internet of Things and the supporting ecosystem is expected to exceed $7.1 trillion by 2020. In 2013 alone, the market exceeded $1.9 trillion, with over 90% of all IoT devices in developed regions.  Read More.

  • Netflix got a bit faster on Comcast after opening its wallet

    Netflix performance on Comcast, which had been deteriorating for months, finally got a little better in February according to Netflix's latest speed rankings.  Read more.


  • Cisco Report: 35% CAGR for Cloud Data Center Traffic

    Cisco forecasts that global cloud traffic, the fastest growing component of data center traffic is expected to grow 4.5-fold - a 35 percent combined annual growth rate.  Read More

  • Extend the Cloud to the Edge

    Explore the idea of fog computing and the ability to push your services, workloads, applications and data all the way to the edge of your network. Think bigger. Read More

  • Mobile Traffic Forecast

    As part of the comprehensive Cisco Visual Networking Forecast (VNI), the updated Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast predicts the impact of visual networking applications on global networks, and includes major data traffic forecasts and growth trends. Read More

  • Reinventing Cable TV

    Former Insight CEO Michael Willner and Atlantic Broadband President and CEO Ed Holleran discuss new business models for the future of television and cable subscription. Read More  

  • Ridiculous Amounts of Data

    Findings from Structure: Europe 2013, and how tech companies are scaling up to handle an unprecedented increase in users and data. Read More

  • Big Thinkers. Small Cells.

    Earlier this year, Cisco released a set of videos featuring industry experts from both inside and outside of its company. This article is a summation of the findings from the videos, highlighting the implication of Small Cells. Read More

  • State of the Internet

    A quarterly statement, published by Akamai, highlights trends across the world including attack traffic, connection speeds, Internet penetration, broadband adoption and mobile traffic. Read More

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