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Zayo, EdgeConneX Team Up

In what looks like a natural partnership, Zayo and EdgeConneX are working together to bring more fiber to the edge. This morning the two announced that Zayo will be deploying fiber to EdgeConnex facilities across the country, which are strategically positioned near network provider aggregation points like cable head ends and such.

Zayo will be building or providing diverse entrences into eight of EdgeConnex’s locations in the markets of Atlanta, Las Vegas, Memphis, Nashville, Portland, Richmond, Salt Lake City and San Diego. That’s about a third of EdgeConnex’s footprint thus far, which spans 22 markets after just a year and a half or so of building. Just before the holidays we managed to get their Chief Commercial Officer , Clint Heiden here for one of our more timely industry spotlights.

EdgeConneX will no doubt be working with many fiber operators, but bringing in Zayo’s connectivity early on was a no-brainer. The most aggressive national metro fiber builder working with the most aggressive national edge data center builder is a natural pairing, as they are doing quite complementary work. I expect we’ll hear more from each about such work over time.  Read More