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The Internet of Things requires the Internet of Everywhere

This week, Cisco Live Europe kicks off in Milan, Italy. The City of Milan is not only the host city for Cisco Live, but also for the World Expo in 2015 when the city will show off its evolution to a smart city. Milan is just the latest city to leverage the power of IoT to transform itself. We’ve clearly entered the era of IoT, as examples can now be found in any region or any vertical – in other words, everywhere.
However, the rapid acceleration of IoT does raise the question – is the infrastructure, most notably the cloud, really ready for IoT? There’s no question that the cloud will play a key role in the success or failure of IoT, but is the cloud ready for IoT? Most cloud computing solutions are single points of computing resources. These are meant to have data backhauled to them so the information can be parsed or analyzed and then sent back to the source.  Read More