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Network World: 7 key criteria for defining edge data centers

Unless it meets these criteria, its not an edge data center – it’s just a data center in a tier – 2 market.

The explosion of the cloud and internet-based content has created the need to move the internet’s “edge,” closer to where the users are. Historically, the “edge” had been limited to tier-1 cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. If a user in a tier-2 city, such as St. Paul, wanted to access internet-based content, the data would actually come from the closest edge location, in this case Chicago.

If the user is just doing general browsing, it’s hard to notice whether you’re near or far from the edge. However, for any kind of mission-critical or real-time traffic like video, cloud-based applications, or gaming, the extra latency can significantly degrade performance and increase security risks…