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EdgeConneX Tapped to Deploy Extensive Small Cell Network Solution Throughout the State of Vermont

Small Cell Networks to Serve Historically Inaccessible Areas

Herndon, VA – EdgeConneX, a leading provider of Infrastructure as a Service solutions, announces that it has been selected to deploy an initial small cellular (‘Small Cell’) network for CoverageCo, a provider of carrier and technology neutral cellular coverage services to underserved markets. Funded in part by the Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA) through an award to CoverageCo, the Small Cell network solution extends wireless coverage throughout the state of Vermont.

Until today, Small Cell networks have been noted as a key communication solution platform, but seldom deployed on a broad scale due to the lack of expertise and uncharted process to identify sites and work with municipalities to obtain proper permits for installation. CoverageCo selected EdgeConneX as its Small Cell deployment and maintenance provider due to their experience and leadership in spearheading the process while effectively solving problems that traditional RF solutions failed to resolve. EdgeConneX’s unique business and technical solution expertise ensures that carriers’ Small Cell network deployments achieve their desired Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) objectives. The outdoor Small Cell solution does not require new tower infrastructure and can be deployed without any disruption to a community’s day-to-day operations.

“This project is a non-intrusive yet highly reliable solution that expands wireless reach, particularly to areas that receive weak or no mobile communications throughout key corridors in Vermont,” comments Doug Wiest, Executive Vice President of EdgeConneX. “Our experience in designing, constructing, and managing Small Cell network solutions has paved the way for efficient, rapid and cost-effective deployments of other regional projects throughout the U.S.”

“EdgeConneX has proved to be invaluable, partnering with us to identify and construct the right locations to deploy and maintain our Small Cell network onto existing utility poles that line the roadways,” adds Richard P. Biby, CEO of CoverageCo. “Though very few successful deployments of Small Cell networks have been deployed, we knew that this solution would be the most effective way to extend network coverage in such rough terrain. EdgeConneX’s experience in navigating the process has truly enabled us to extend the communications infrastructure for residents, businesses and visitors throughout the state of Vermont, increasing business and financial opportunities as well as public safety.”

EdgeConneX’s Small Cell network solutions are ground-breaking in that they are proven to allow carriers, municipalities, corporate campus environments, building owner-operators, and others the opportunity to address capacity constraints and expand coverage capabilities while overcoming certain physical challenges faced by today’s wireless networks. Small Cell solutions enable seamless connectivity for today’s increasingly connected consumer. EdgeConneX’s success and experience via the Vermont Small Cell deployment have already incited another significant build in Northern Virginia for a national Tier 1 wireless carrier focusing on data capacity and in-building challenges.

For more information about EdgeConneX and its leading infrastructure deployment solutions for expanding and improving access to mobile and data communications, visit www.edgeconnex.com or email: info@edgeconnex.com.

About EdgeConneX

EdgeConneX provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – space, power, and connectivity solutions that uniquely combine mobile, wireline and data center services to bring data to the edge of the network. As wireless and wireline networks saturate with big data such as video, EdgeConneX’s purpose-built Meet You Points™ for Small Cells and edge data centers optimize the delivery of data at network-critical locations – those nearest to consumers. Content providers, network operators, wireless carriers, service providers and colocation providers leverage EdgeConneX’s unique infrastructure solutions to create and redefine the edge of their networks because closer proximity to consumers provides for superior performance and economics. For more information, visit www.edgeconnex.com.