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EdgeConneX in the News: Bringing the Edge to the Customer

Excerpt via Data Economy

A lot has been made of the ‘Edge’ as a concept and working model in recent years. As the conversation intensifies, the concept seemingly, well… mystifies. The Edge has inevitably been delivered for many years. We need only look to the past to see how things have evolved and how we can ultimately predict and turn technological corners to better prepare for those future technological advancements – in real time.

For example, we can see how industry and technology have been motivated in large part by bringing goods and services to the consumer – inching toward the end user – inching, you might say, to the Edge.

Which brings us to the current day, dominated by the Internet of Everything, which requires an Internet of Everywhere – which fundamentally is bringing network and data processing power right to the end-user’s front door, the ubiquitous Edge.

This is what appears to be mystifying to many. The Edge is that thin layer of demarcation between service and consumption. It changes in size and location relative to the services being delivered and devices wishing to consume – a change based on unique customer requirements.

This is where meaningful Edge deployment must happen. The Edge isn’t a place where consumers must go. Meaningful Edge deployment means physically bringing the Edge to the consumer. Although latency issues are a major driver of Edge network deployment, it’s not just to provide a smoother graphical rendering to gamers or for a more seamless binging of Game of Thrones. No, the impact can be seen, quite literally, everywhere.

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