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Conviva and EdgeConneX® Release Comcast Network Performance Study in New Whitepaper

Comcast Experiences an Average of 25 Percent Improvement in Quality of Experience Metrics with Deployment of Edge Data Center® Solution

Herndon, VA – Dec. 13, 2016EdgeConneX®, specializing in global data center solutions at the edge of the network, and Conviva, powering every internet-connected screen with the most engaging experiences imaginable, today announce the availability of a new whitepaper documenting the benefits of EdgeConneX colocation services. Specifically, this study quantifies the improvements to Quality of Experience metrics for content delivery partners based on its 2016 research. Conviva measured the video data streams of multiple publishers that distributed EdgeConneX-enabled streams for Comcast across eight major metro areas in the United States. These measurements were compared against networks that did not utilize an edge localization strategy with EdgeConneX.

EdgeConneX colocation services minimize the distance between viewers and video content. The company’s Edge Data Centers® (EDCs) circumvent the distance, capacity constraints, multiple network hops and centralized processing loads that exist in traditional internet architecture. EdgeConneX and Conviva have been consistently measuring the impact of these colocation solutions on the quality of experience delivered to viewers. The Conviva findings in 2016 have proven once again that mobilization of content brings success and directly impacts the bottom line for both SVOD and AVOD publishers.

In the 2015 study, Conviva found a 12 to 20% reduction in rebuffering time when a content provider was localized in an EdgeConneX EDC and directly linked to the ISP. The 2016 study found an even greater benefit. The average performance improved 25% as a result of localizing content at the edge across eight metro areas in the United States. Furthermore, findings revealed that the EdgeConneX-enabled ISP’s improvement across these eight areas against the next leading CDN was 23%, and against national broadband providers was 16%. In the Pittsburgh metro area, as an example, Comcast, using EdgeConneX to enable their content delivery, has shown 19% improvement against the next leading CDN and 34% improvement against the next leading metro broadband provider.

“Conviva strives to make the internet a better place for video by providing our data and analytics services to ecosystem providers such as EdgeConneX and Comcast,” comments Dr. Hui Zhang, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Conviva. “Services provided by EdgeConneX optimize the experience for everyone in the video ecosystem, improving delivery levels and increasing consumers expectations above and beyond traditional linear TV.”

“Our Edge Data Centers effectively improve the delivery of high volume, mission-critical content such as IP video,” states Clint Heiden, chief commercial officer, EdgeConneX. “In this latest analysis, Conviva has demonstrated that video cached locally in our Edge Data Centers and delivered over the Comcast network had significantly lower rebuffering. The combination of localization and direct peering continues to resonate with our customers and end-users alike. This translates to higher viewer engagement and greater revenue for both ISPs and content providers.”

In earlier studies, Conviva found that a 1% increase in interruption resulted in a 14-minute reduction in engagement per user viewing session. With an average 25% reduction in interruptions across eight metro areas in the United States, ISPs enabled by EdgeConneX Edge Data Centers at the edge should expect substantially lower viewer abandonment rates.

“Comcast is extremely pleased with our partnership with EdgeConneX and their purpose-built, edge infrastructure,” shares Paul Merritt, Vice President, Comcast Business for the Keystone Region. “Together with content and connectivity ecosystem partners, Comcast can deliver superior video and cloud services to our end-users. As Conviva measurements demonstrate, our strategy to localize the ecosystem in our metro areas significantly raises the quality of the customer experience.”

To download the full report, click here.

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EdgeConneX® is the only global Edge Data Center® provider. Creating purpose-built, edge-of-network infrastructure solutions that extend the internet’s reach, EdgeConneX enables the fastest and most secure delivery of content, cloud services and applications. Edge Data Centers host bandwidth intensive and latency sensitive data closer to end-users, establishing a more secure, reliable and cost effective distribution model for the internet. For more information, please visit the EdgeConneX Internet of Everywhere® at edgeconnex.com.

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